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Request a Prophetic Word in Christ Jesus Today!

This is a big question many people are asking nowadays in the arena of request a prophetic word. Let me clarify that ALL request a prophetic word is FREE! But, also giving a donation into the individuals Ministry for the time spend in searching and seeking on your behalf before the Lord for a request a prophetic word is a biblical practice as well. When you do this, you honor God and the man or woman of God. Thats just a standard biblical practice and many people get upset that they think that people that the Lord has gifted in the arena of request prophetic word ask for this, but this is their mistake from their uneducated knowledge of Gods statues and laws. Now, here is another thing to consider because most of these individuals that will give you a request a prophetic word for free will ask for money and the sad thing is that they are not gifted in the arena of request prophetic word and just scamming you out of your money. There all over social media self-proclaimed prophets for profit! NOW, with all that said there is a REAL man of God with a REAL Gift to request a prophetic word for your life and that is Steven Svec. You can trust this man to give you an accurate request a prophetic word from God and it will be Specifics and Accurate and will encourage you 100% Guarantee, that's right 100% guarantee because He Steven Svec is the real deal with real testimonies that follow his ministry in request a prophetic word for over 7 years not on the on-line platform. You can request a prophetic word request at his ministry website at Request Personal Prophecy | Personal Prophecy 4U (

You won't find Prophet Steven on ANY social media network because the social media network and especially Facebook in particular has become so corrupt and dishonest as everybody thinks that they are a Prophet nowadays and say they have the request a prophetic word gift within them, and they don't and lie and just want to steal your money any way that they can dear friends. It's sad but true that the devil has taken this form of technology and has used it for corruption and deceit. God told Steven even as very young age when there wasn't even an Internet discovered yet to the human population let alone social media and Facebook and all the others to stay away from this evil that will overtake the entire planet as the technology of the age has literally corrupted the minds of Christians all over the earth. Request a prophetic word is a Gift that should be used for Gods Glory not man's gain deceitfully as it is being done now through the social media platform.

Click the link above and navigate too the request a prophetic word page and make your request from a real gifted man and a real man of honor that God has raised up for this final hour to bring hope and encouragement into everyone's life that request a prophetic word from Steven.

Go and read all the confirmed verified testimonies of request prophetic word on Steven's Testimony page and be encouraged for your own request a prophetic word breakthrough in Christ Jesus the Lord. Steven gives Jesus all the Praise and honor for being used in this capacity to bring Hope into people's lives that can't find this hope at their local church or even on the social media platform because of all the FAKE so called prophets with their FAKE generic bible verse words just to steal your hard-earned money. Steven is the real deal and has a heart to serve all that request a prophetic word from him on this on-line platform for His spiritual counsel for real Hope into their lives.

If you have been blessed by this Post, please share it with family and friends who you know that may benefit form a real Prophet of the Highest and uses His Gift of request a prophetic word for God's Kingdom in Jesus name always. Amen!


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