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Request a Prophetic Word from Prophet Steven Now!

Are you searching for the True Word of the Lord to be revealed into Your life and Journey's on the Earth? Are you tired of generic bible verse Prophecy's from individuals who just want your money and could care less about speaking a True Word of encouragement into your life's situations in Christ Jesus? Then you're reading the right blog post as there is a man named Seven Svec who has a Real Gift and a Real request a prophetic word for your life in Christ Jesus Today. Request a prophetic word from steven at his ministry website at Request Personal Prophecy | Personal Prophecy 4U (

Let me give you who are reading this post a very valuable piece of advice of request a prophetic word. Social Media is so corrupted of this kind of FAKE ministry's that say they can request a prophetic word for your life in Christ but all they want to do is steal your money! They will advertise a Free request a prophetic word, but it won't be free, and it won't be real! If they have to lure you into or clicking on their website or social media Facebook account with free invitations or free giveaways or if they say they have a Team of people who are waiting to give you a request a prophetic word, then this is a sign that they are just out for your money to fool you into request prophetic word from them.

Prophet Steven Svec is not like this; HE is the real deal and carries a True word of the Lord within him for a request a prophetic word for your life that will bless you and encourage you in Christ the Lord. The best thing for you to do is go to Steven's website and read all the confirmed testimonies of people just like yourself who have received request a prophetic word from him and be encouraged for your request prophetic word breakthrough today. Stay away from any social media platform from individuals that offer a free request a prophetic word because they are just trying to trick you into giving you a generic bible verse request prophetic word and then ask you to donate into their fake ministry social media platform.

If you have been blessed and encouraged into this blog post and want to receive a real request a prophetic word from a man who is the real deal with a real gift from God who desires to bless and encourage you in your journey's on this earth for God's Perfect will to be realized for the best life you can possibly live, then go and visit Steven's ministry website and request a prophetic word today that will change your life for tomorrow in Christ Jesus the Lord. Please share this Post with as many people as you know who might need an accurate and specific word of God into their lives through the arena of request a prophetic word today! Read the testimony below and request your own Prophecy from Steven and receive breakthrough today 4 Real!

More Testimonies of the Word of the Lord Revealing the Secrets of Men and Woman! You are about to read another encouraging Testimony of a Young woman who requested Insights for Employment (Job & Career Prophecy Option) as she was having a hard time finding work and income this year through the Month of March when she requested my Counsel to go before the Lord on her behalf concerning this arena in her life. I Inquired on her behalf this past March of 2018, and I revealed the Word of the Lord for her and called out the Month of MAY a total of 6 Times in her Prophecy as the Spirit was revealing her destiny before my Spiritual eyes. Her Prophecy is below for you to read and also her gracious words of confirmation of the Gift of God within me to bring HOPE into people's lives like herself. ALL Glory and Honor to Christ Jesus for such a precise Prophecy to come to pass as spoken through me by the Holy Spirit. Be encouraged as you read her Prophecy below my friend and Request your Specific Personal Prophecy from me today! Amen and Amen...


As I brought you before the Lord J****E and your request I have the Immediate Impression of the Month of MAY of this year 2018 4 U in the arena of a Job that I feel is one that is going to well suited for you says the Lord. I feel like saying this will come back to you FULL-CIRCLE if this makes sense. My Impressions are possibly that this could even be a job/career that has come before you in the past are my feelings. I feel that whatever it is, or I should say was making another door to be opened for you in this field and I want to say possible Promotion as well as if you will get a increase in Pay as well. I feel that the Springtime of this year 2018 and to be more specific of the Month of MAY. Now I feel that MAY is the culmination of this Opportunity, but I feel that the months leading up to this month will also bring to remembrance of this possible position that will be knocking on your door once again says the Lord. I feel that this will be a full-time Position and a Job that will revolve around a future career in this field of work as you Help and Service with a smile on your face as your Leadership quality's will emerge says the Lord. I feel that whatever this is that I feel the Lord has planned is going to challenge you, but it will make you grow as a person as well if this makes sense. It's almost like you will have a little family to take care of is the best way I can describe it, more responsibility but also more pay and I feel this will be a steppingstone for things to come down the road a bit as well. Okay, so look to the Month of MAY and I feel like saying springtime as well, so the months leading up to MAY says the Lord, even as April showers will bring MAY flowers in the Springtime of this season, so shall this be a SEASON of your life that will begin to evolve and grow even as the Flower begins to Blossom during this season, so shall the FLOWER within you begin to come out of her shell and begin to flourish and be seen by many says the Lord to you this day!!


Hello, Steven!

It's me J****E, during this month around May, I was so close to giving up and I was going to stop looking for Jobs. You told me about MAY and well you were right! I got 2 interviews at two different places and another place called me as well for a Barista job. I'm so in awe about this! How-ever now I need to decide which one I want. Seriously THANK YOU! Keep doing what God has called you to do!


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