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Request personal prophecy word 4 the coming month and receive the true word of the lord from a real gifted man of God in Steven Svec. Many say they can give you a request personal prophecy word but if you are searching for real answers in your life's path than request personal prophecy word from Steven and receive real confirmation and predictions as Secrets for your life's path will be revealed to him from the Holy Spirit in Christ Jesus the Lord. You can request personal prophecy word at his ministry website at Request Personal Prophecy | Personal Prophecy 4U (

Request personal prophecy word 4 July and receive SPECIFIC information about your life in Christ Jesus. Request personal prophecy word as Steven has Prophesied the True word of the Lord into 10,000's of people worldwide with testimonies following his predictions. Request personal prophecy word and be enlightened into your life or even family and friends you can request personal prophecy word and be amazed at this modern-day Prophet Seer in Steven's Gift from God since his birth. Request personal prophecy word and you can be the next great testimony of God's gifting within this man's ability to see into tomorrow for your life and confirm what is happening now with pinpoint accuracy. You can read all the testimonies on his ministry website and then request personal prophecy word for your life at Request Prophetic Word | Personal Prophecy 4U (

Request personal prophecy word from a proven man of God with a proven request personal prophecy word track record to bring hope and encouragement into people's lives like Steven is able to do. He gives JESUS all the praise and Glory for a request personal prophecy word that comes to pass for every individual that requests his request personal prophecy word counsel through his website platform. read below of a real testimony posted on his website of a real request personal prophecy word person who requested his Godly counsel as Steven released the request personal prophecy word into this man's life. God is no respecter of persons, he loves all equally, so request personal prophecy word today from Steven Svec and be amazed for your destiny in Christ Jesus through his request personal prophecy word ministry!

Request personal prophecy testimony, read below.

"Healing and Love Prediction Fulfilled"

More Testimonies of the True Word of The Lord revealing the SECRETS of Men and Woman! Here is another great and encouraging Prediction come to pass as this woman you are going to read about was struggling with personal addictions that were keeping her from her destiny in the arena of Love. She requested the Prophecy Option "Ask your own 1 Question" on my Ministry website. The Word of the Lord was released into and over her life as the Holy Spirit revealed Specific Months and Time frames for her to be aware of for the Lord to bring about her full recovery supernaturally and also an incredible Prediction of the Love of her life getting married New Years day 2019 as Prophesied through the Gift of God within me. To JESUS CHRIST be all the GLORY for this amazing Prophecy come to pass! I am always amazed dear friends. Her Question to me to bring before the Lord on her behalf on March 20th, 2018: Am I going to be free from addictions soon and be with the man I'm in love with? Her Prophecy read below: As I brought your question before the Lord I am inspired to speak and say YES! My Prophetic Insights of the Gift within me and my Impressions from the Holy Spirit are YES! I am Impressed to say that 2018 is going to be the year of a FULL recovery and Healing in this arena of your life dear sister. I feel that in the past that you have tried to break these strongholds yourself in the natural but have not been successful. I am Inspired to speak and reveal by the Power of the Holy Spirit that even as you will be approaching the Holidays of this year towards the end of 2018 that you will be free from all those bondage's that seemingly keep holding you back from your destiny and even from the ones that you love says the Lord. I feel that as the month of NOVEMBER will be approaching that there will be much to be thankful for in this month and season of your life says the Lord. I see a gradual increase towards this time frame in your full recovery and Healing. It will be at times that you will take 1 step forward and 2 steps back towards the progression of the perfect timing of the Lord if this make sense. But I feel that you will get to the point of complete trust in the Lord for a supernatural moment in time that will be revealed even towards the end of this year and that 2018 is going to be your FULL-RECOVERY and Healing and that as 2019 will be seen as you will be walking hand in hand with the one that you Love says the Lord to you this day my Daughter! Amen and Amen. Her Testimony in her exact words below: please read. Hi Steve!! I just wanted to tell you when it came to the relationship, I asked you about you were right! Our relationship didn’t take hold until I dealt with certain issues just like you prophesied, and it wouldn’t happen until more towards the end of the year . That is what happened, and you also said by the New Year we will be walking hand in hand. We got married January 1st of this year 2019!! I want to thank you for your walk with the Lord!! Steve I can’t believe I almost forgot......God freed me from my addictions I am completely healed!!! I am so happy!!! Wahoo!!

If you have been blessed by this request personal prophecy word testimony, please share it to those that you love as well to receive their miracle breakthrough in request personal prophecy word form Steven today.


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