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Request Personal Prophecy for Wife

Blessings to all this day my Faithful Blog Post Followers of this Ministry and Gifting of the Lord within me to bring the Counsel of God into any situation as the Word of The Lord and Gift of Prophecy is strong within me for a Request personal Prophecy for a lifelong Helpmate which takes us into today's supernatural Testimony of Request Personal Prophecy.

Benefits of a Personal Prophecy for Your Wife

I recently had a man contact me through my Ministry online website of Prophetic Insights 4U and he chose the Personal Prophecy option which I actually have 9 Personal Prophecy options to choose from but he chose the option called request personal prophecy for Love & Romance.

He was looking for his lifelong Helpmate he was a young man in his middle 20's but still couldn't find that special woman to fill his life with all the Joy and Happiness that a Helpmate can bring and then even start a family and begin to live a life worth living and sharing the amazing emotion of what we Humans call Love just as God had intended from the beginning even before the Fall of man in the Garden of Eden when everything was Perfect LOVE was found between God's creation of Man and Woman and so this Testimony begins with this Man's question to me to bring before the Lord which was this "When and I going to meet my wife and get married and start a family?" These are his exact words to me for His request personal prophecy, read below my response to his request personal prophecy and than his words of confirmation what God did on his behalf for a divine connection to a woman who would be his wife one day as a normal day turns into a God moment for him as I predicted this woman's appearance and where he would meet her as a new friendship became a relationship within 1 years time and wedding bells followed within 16 months of his divine appointment God set up and I spoke would happen.

Connecting Spiritually through Prophecy for Your Wife

I brought his Request Prophetic Word before the Lord and his question for a wife and helpmate for the rest of his life where and when would he meet her and if there was a timeframe to be aware of so he won't miss the perfect timing of a request personal prophecy from God. You see what unique about the Prophetic Ministry and those who Prophesy and are called into the Prophetic Ministry carry a very powerful Gift within them from God and the very words that I speak and prophesy to and for people like this man seem supernaturally to come to pass because it's GOD'S word not mine. I am simply the Mouth Piece of God to bring people's lives into His perfect will as this man was looking for his lifelong helpmate and he found my online website and heard about the Gift of God within me and so he thought, what the heck, he had nothing to loose and everything to gain and that is exactly what happened for him.

I sent back to him for his request personal prophecy option he chose and answered his questions as the Spirit of request personal prophecy moved upon me, I released the word of the Lord and Prophesied that within 2 months to the day he would read this request personal prophecy he would meet his soon to be wife on a day that would take him by surprise as a divine appointment in a coffee shop will bring a smile to his face as conversation will be engaged as this woman with GREEN eyes and pale skin and RED hair will captivate his stare as Love will begin to bloom even on there first meeting in that little coffee shop 2 months to the exact day of him reading via email his request personal prophecy from me. This was His word of the Lord as I revealed by the Holy Spirit the specifics of what she would look like and where they would meet and when. This my friends is TRUE request personal prophecy at it's highest level and Gifting from God almighty the creator of Heaven and Earth. It's not me doing this but it's GOD working through me for his Glory alone.

NOW, 2 months has passed and yes I receive a confirmation via email that this man met a woman that I was able to describe in a vison that was shown to me about her appearance, Green eyes, pale skin, Red hair and he met her at a local coffee shop as he was on his work break and typically just stays at work to eat a lunch that he brings for himself but he forgot his lunch on this particular day and decided to just go out and get a cup of coffee and relax before returning to work and this is when the divine appointment happened and he met this woman I described and they are going on their first date this coming weekend. now the rest of the Prophecy is yet to be fulfilled about marriage and family, but I am expecting another email from him at a later date confirming this will all come to pass as I spoke his request personal prophecy for a wife and helpmate in the near future of 16 months I believe was the exact timeframe the Lord showed me for marriage and then family.

What a great request personal prophecy and Blog Post Testimony and to JESUS be all the Glory and honor always. I take know credit but give God all the Glory and Honor and I feel so privilege to serve the Lord with God's Gift of Prophecy within me since my birth.

Preparing for a Personal Prophecy Session?

I want you to be the next great Testimony of request personal prophecy from me dear friend. Just navigate to my online ministry website of and make your own request personal prophecy for any arena of your life. I have 9 different request personal prophecy options available that will bless you tremendously and please allow the normal lead time of 7 full days from the day of your request personal prophecy to receive your word of the Lord from me in Christ Jesus the Lord, Shalom.

More Grace and Peace for all


Man receives request personal prophecy wife
Request Personal Prophecy


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