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Request your personal prophetic word today that will bring astonishing clairty to your life in 2024 from one of the most accurate Prophetic Voice's on the Planet Today in Steven Robert Svec. Steven carry's the True word of the Lord request personal prohetic word within him since he was 8 years old. You can request personal prophetic word 2024 from him at his ministry website just keep reading this post and click on the link below and request personal prophetic word for your life in 2024 and beyond.

You can read more about Steven and his personal Testimony and the Spirit of Prophecy he carrry's within him which is Christ Jesus the Son of God and Savior of the Human Race. Called as a Prophet from His birth. Here is a little sample of Steven's Testiomony and request personal prophetic word ministry. It wasn't until February of 2013 I had a Supernatural Encounter with the Lord Jesus Himself.  What you are now reading presently is a small Portion of my Testimony.  Since that Encounter I have been able by the Spirit to Help and Encourage and Speak the Word of the Lord to all that are seeking Direction in this life with precision-pinpoint accuracy with SPECIFICS that have astounded the great and small alike on this Online Platform.  Let me say this as well that I am not Perfect and that most Personal Prophecy is almost always conditional to some degree regardless of who is Prophesying including myself. Jesus is the only one that is Perfect and no matter how Gifted anyone thinks He or She may be the Interpretation and Timing can be delayed for many reasons, but always hold on to Your Prophecy's over our lives as God is outside of Time as we know it and as the Scriptures tell us in 1 Corinthians 13:9 "that we ALL can only Prophesy in part" God is no Respecter of people. He loves all equally.  I give ALL the Glory to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in whom all things are possible. He is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. All things came into existence by His very words, and to Him do I give honor for giving me the ability to help and encourage all that come before me on this Platform.  This is just the beginning of what has been Prophesied unto me for HIS Glory. The NATIONS await as the FULLNESS of TIME will be complete once again SHORTLY.  The Spirit of The Lord Whispered to my ear "are YOU ready?" and I Responded back to HIM"YES Holy Spirit, My Time is Now!" STEVEN.

Request personal prophetic word for your 2024 and be marveled at the detailed accuracy and specifics that Steven is able to reveal concerning your Future and life events as the Spirit of the Lord will allow that will bring hope and encouragement into your life's path as 2024 and request personal prophetic word revelation is released through Prophet Steven's Prophetic Mantle. If you can subscribe to His Free Mailing list and be the first to receive request personal prophetic word testimonies and also weekly request personal prophetic word special's he offers to all his email subscribers. Read testimonies of Heaven and Angelic encounters and visions of the Future are daily Occurence's in Steven's life. Request personal prophetic word Ministry 2024 for you life and you will never be the same as God's Destiny for your life will bring greater clairty as visions are shown to Steven on your behalf for each and every month for the entire Year of 2024 and beyond if you so desire to pull on Steven's Gift of request personal prophetic word ministry daily at

Read the testimony below and be encouraged for your request personal prophetic word 2024 breakthrough through the Gift of Prophecy in Steven. Read and be blessed.

More Testimonies of the Word of The Lord revealing the Secrets of Men and Woman! Here is another great and encouraging request personal prophetic word Prediction come to pass as this woman that you are about to read about as she requested the Prophecy Option "Ask your own 1 Question" on my online website and her question was this (Will Marriage come between her and her current boyfriend?) She requested this back in September of this year 2018. I brought her request before the lord and inquired on her behalf for greater revelation of her present circumstances which I knew nothing about and the Holy Spirit revealed Specific Insights and seasons and Years for Marriage for this Woman and her boyfriend who is now her Fiancé as of this month "November 6th" To JESUS CHRIST my Lord and Savior do I give all the Glory and Honor to be used in such a way to bring such Specifics into Peoples lives like this woman received from the Unique Gift of God within me my friends. I want encourage you to request Your Specific Prophecy from me Today. I have 8 different Prophecy Options to choose from on my Ministry website for different arenas of your life. Be encouraged now and read her Prophecy below as Secrets were revealed as the Word of The Lord was released over her life as her Destiny was made clearer in Christ Jesus the Lord. Amen and Amen!


Her Question: Will Marriage come between her and her current Boyfriend?


Her Prophecy: Request personal prophetic word


I brought your request before the Lord dear sister and my Impressions from the Spirit reveal that YES I feel that you will marry this one says the Lord. NOW with that said I don't know your circumstance and how long you have been dating but I feel that the bond between you to has grown stronger within the last 6 months and I feel that marriage will eventually happen. My Insights are stronger for this Union (Marriage) in 2019 says the Lord. I just feel that 2019 is going to be the year of moving forward into a fully committed relationship and I see your bond will grow gradually even stronger as 2018 will be coming to a close (Engagement). Thoughts of marriage will be consume your mindset in 2018, but I feel stronger that 2019 will bring the culmination of this Union and I feel that this will be a big step for both of you, but it has the Opportunity to go the distance says the Lord, okay. These are my Insights from the Holy Spirit concerning your question dear sister. I Pray that you have been blessed and encouraged this day in Christ Jesus the Lord! Amen and Amen...


Her Response and Confirmation of Prophecy come to pass Below.


I am just full of joy and happiness...My significant other proposed on Nov 6, 2018...I am looking forward to 2019 and the years to come ..God Bless You.


Request Your Personal Prophetic word 2024 from me Today as a Part of your Destiny is revealed in Christ Jesus dear friends always in Love and Grace before you all.



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