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Request Personal Prophetic Word 2024 Destiny in Christ

Request personal prohetic word 2024 from the most saught after prophetic Voice on the Planet Earth Today in Steven Svec. Do You desire to know and undersand what the Future will be and look like in 2024 for your life? If so then request personal prohetic word today for the next 12 months of your life dear friend. Request personal prophetic word can bring Hope and Confidence as you begin the next year of your life in Chirst Jesus the Lord.

Request personal prophetic word from Steven and receive supernatural insights and predictions and things to look for as each month will be lived for your life in 2024. Request personal prohpetic word from Steven at his Ministry webst Prohpetic Insights 4U at

It would be Steven's honor to bring your name before the Lord of Heaven and Earth Jesus the Christ and son of God as you request personal prophetic word from Steven for your life's destiny to come to pass as favor and grace and blessings and promotion and increase will come not just to you but to your entire Household as you believe the Word of the Prophet and You to will be blessed 2 Chronicles 20:20. Steven is the real deal and not a fake social media hype self proclaimed prophet like so many are nowadays. Request persoanl prophetic word from Steven and be encouaraged for a great 2024 year. You can visit Steven's website and read more about this man of God and testimonies of people just like yourself who have request personal prophetic word and received the true word of the lord from him at

Request personal prophetic word for every month and season of your life in 2024. Request personal prophetic word for job or request personal prophetic word for promotion or request personal prophetic word for love and romance as it doesn't matter Steven will use his Gift of request personal prophetic word to give you the insights you are seeking the lord from so you can be prepared to understand what will happen in your future for request personal prophetic word today in Christ Jesus the Lord.

Read this really need Testimony of request personal prohpetic word that Steven Prophesied into this person's life that came to pass and be encouraged to receive your request personal prophetic word breakthrough today.

TESTIMONY read now:

I brought your name before the Lord my brother and I am inspired to speak and say as my Impressions and Insights and Wisdom from the Gift of God within me reveals that PROMOTION is coming and will be seen and experienced 4 U within the next 2 seasons of the Earth says the Lord.

I don't know what you do for making money or Job or Career or schooling or Trades you may have D****l, but I was shown a vision of you in front of a Computer and you were typing and typing and typing on a keyboard and my Impressions and Interpretation of this scene is that you were working as if this was a Job or Business you have or I really feel lead like saying "You will have" as I feel this is a Future scene before my Spiritual eyes 4 U my brother.

You may be looking for work/job/career in this season that you are in before the Lord, but I see you one day my brother owning Your own Business and my Insights of the vision I was shown of you typing on a Computer keyboard is that one day you will have a HOME BUSINESS that you will work from Home through a website and make Your living from the comforts of Your living room says the Lord.

I see you taking what you have learned through the classroom or Trade School or even online classes of becoming a proficient business man and the Lord says that one day you will engage the lifestyle of the Entrepreneur and own your own Business as the Technology of the age will propel you forward and the Internet will be Your Platform says the Lord.

I see this becoming a reality in Your life and the thoughts of owning your own business and not having to work for anyone else or anybody's business and having your own Destiny in your own hands as I see you as a very determined and focused person that strives to do their best and provide for yourself and even the ones that you Love. I see the next 4 months will be months of searching and even trying to find yourself in regards to what you really want to do more so for being able to provide for yourself, but the Lord says to look to the next Year of 2021 is when you will begin to navigate and take control of Your own Future as PROMOTION will be experienced and the OPPORTUNITY to begin the quest of Your life as a very Special crossing of Paths will be engaged as 2021 will be remembered as a Year of Transition, even as a Handshake will seal the deal on a day that will take you by Surprise as Your persistence and fortitude will open up the doors of Destiny that will have come back to you Full-Circle even as the Student will become the Teacher says the Lord to you this day my Son!


Thank you so much Steven. This is J****l and this was for my son, D****l. He is 27 and is graduating from college with a degree in communications.

I wanted to do something special and meaningful for him for his graduation. AND THIS IS HIM! So I am gonna get a nice piece of letterhead and print this out for a graduation gift.  Yeah, he just got an at home internship doing video game reviews on a computer.  Thank you so much. I know you truly heard from the LORD and GOD bless you in your ministry!

Request Personal Prophetic word from me Today in Christ Jesus the Lord for your 2024! Amen!


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