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Request Personal Prophetic Word Miracle

Welcome My Blog Post Followers to another Testimony of the Grace and Mercy of God and His Gift of Request personal Prophetic Word Miracle within me.

This Blog Post Testimony is off a couple who contacted me in 2015 and I believe it was in November 9th because that's my birthday month as this request personal prophetic words goes on you will understand how this will all connect as this couple man and woman and married TOGETHER and by the way this is the ONLY union that God will permit as to create biological baby's AND family's which is exactly what this Testimony is all about for their request personal prophetic word miracle.

They contacted me through my ministry website of Request Personal Prophetic word and they had a very specific request personal prophetic word for me to bring before the Lord on their behalf. Their question was short and to the point which is exactly how I prefer it to be. So many people think that they need to explain their entire situation to me as if GOD doesn't already know what it is and what is going to happen in their future. Their question was this "Will we be able to bring a child into our family biologically because (and this is the wife speaking) I can't bring a full baby to term and I keep on having a miscarriage's? This was their question for both of them wife and husband wanted a baby but couldn't conceive and bring baby to full 9 month term to be born into their family.

I went into deep meditation and prayer before the Lord on their behalf for their request personal prophetic word about having children normally through Husband and Wife as God always intended it to be. I was shown visions of 3 children that the Holy Spirit told me are already in Heaven and are growing up in Heaven and being taught the ways of the Lord and the Holy Spirit said that these 3 children represent the 3 miscarriages that this woman has already had. Wow! wait till I tell them this, but there is much more to this Testimony as I was shown another baby in Heaven that would be born through this woman and man as she would conceive again and bring this baby (Girl) to full term and would be born by November 25th of 2016. I told them that even the name that they have already picked out for a girl if they were ever to bring a child to conception and birth that her name would be Deborah as this was revealed to me by the Holy Spirit in my visions before my spiritual eyes for this young couple desiring a family and received a request personal prophetic word from me.

I relayed everything that I was allowed to see and hear on their behalf of having a baby girl and all that the Holy Spirit spoke to me to bring in their request personal prophetic word as a sign and wonder as all that I was speaking was true and they would meet in heaven even the 3 baby's that this woman had already miscarried and that they would be a family in heaven one day as well all together, but also that by this time next year she will have given birth to a little baby they would name Deborah and that one day this baby would become a woman and even a leader in the Political arena of the nation in which they live and would honor the God of Haven in all that shew would do on the earth. This is what I relayed via email back to them for their request personal prophetic word miracle.

I never heard back form them until one day in November of the next year 2016 and this couple testified that she just gave birth to their first baby girl and did in fact name her Deborah as I Prophesied as this was already the name that they even picked out and I had know foreknowledge of this. It was a sign and wonder that to give them the Faith to believe that I was hearing the word of the Lord for their request personal prophetic word to come to pass as I Prophesied back in November of 2015.

What a Great TRUE Testimony of the Gift of God within me to bring such Hope and encouragement into peoples lives just like you my Blog Readers this very day. I want you to be the next great testimony of the Gift of God within me as well. Scroll up to the top of this blog post or just click this link request personal prophetic word and make your own request personal prophetic word for the breakthrough Miracle in your own life because God is no respecter of People, HE loves all the same and Jesus Christ is the only way to God the Father and Miracles like this to come to pass as the Power of God is displayed in His MERCY for all that would request personal prophetic word counsel through me in Jesus Mighty name be it so for all of You dear friends.

More Grace and Peace to all

Prophet Steven Your Blog Post Writer and

Servant of the Most High

married couple receives miracle baby through prophet Steven Svec and their request personal prophetic word from him
Request personal prophetic word


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