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Request Prophetic word for 11/14/2023 from Prophet Steven Svec and be encouraged for Your Destiny in Christ Jesus be revealed as a New day and a New Year 2024 is approaching shortly even as Your Destiny will reveal your Path as the next Year of your life will require a True request prophetic word daily nourishment as your flesh is nourished so shall your Spirit be nourished as well from the wells of the request prophetic word ministry of Steven Svec. Request prophetic word today from my website Prophetic Insights 4U or Personal Prophecy 4U and click on the link below to request prophetic word today for your future tomorrow be revealed as destiny and hope will speak to your hearts desire today at my ministry websites or even on a social media platform to read testimonies at

Request prophetic word daily from my website as it's important to recieve edification for a real request prophetic word that will start your day of right and positive as your thoughts will be inline with God's word for a request prophetic word for your life and even next year of 2024 will bring greater Hope for a brighter tomorrow as request prophetic word through me and my ministry website will bring your Future into the Present as request prophetic word will bring a smile to your face and a light to your inner spirit man as the Holy Spirit reveals the true request prophetic word in detail for your life or even a friend or family will benefit from a daily request prophetic word at my ministry website of

There are many different websites that offer request prophetic word but not with the same detail and specifics that the Lord uses through me in the arena of request prophetic word for peoples lives with specifics revealed and even visions of birth marks and addresses and phone numbers and birthdays of people as the Holy Spirit reveals through a pure request prophetic word through God's gift within me through this online platform since 2015 dear friend. I want you to be the next great testimony of request prophetic word today and share this Blog post to friends and family so they can request prophetic word from me as well. Read below of a request prophetic word testimony that I prophesied to this person that came to pass and be encouraged for your own request prophetic word breakthrough today in Christ the Lord, read now.

Request prophetic word testimony:

HER QUESTION: Does the Lord want us to go back to our previous church or keep searching? Had a feeling it was time to go, needing a solid youth program for our 3 boys. Our current church is farther away and has a youth program but doesn’t let the Spirit move. :( Broken/unsure on what to do?

I brought your request before the Lord dear sister and I am inspired to speak and say as my Impressions and Insights and Visions and Wisdom from the Gift of God within me reveals that YES Breakthrough will be realized even this very Year as My Hosts of Heaven are already Preparing Your Footsteps as a New House of Worship will be entertained as Your Fingertips will search and type as the Technology of the age will bring Your Household to the Church Steps that I have already Prepared says the Lord to you this day my Daughter.


Okay, when I Prophecy and because I mostly do this through email online it's very Important to be cognitive of every EXACT word that the Holy Spirit uses when I am typing someone's Prophecy. I usually have know recollection of what I am even typing during a session as the Spirit moves on me and the anointing literally manifests on my hands and body. My Interpretation of your word above as I always re read what I have Prophesied speaks about beginning to look ON-LINE for possible New Churches to begin to attend and the Lord will witness in Your Spirit which one it is that You will be guided to. One last thing that is very Specific in what Your Prophecy says is it says "Church steps" be aware of this as the Lord is very Specific and can bring signs to us to be aware of in regards to what to look for that will correlate to Your request dear sister. Now, this to me speaks of POSSIBLY an Older Church or Older building to be aware of in regards to this New House of Worship the Lord desires you to be a part of. It's almost as if it will be 2 churches now in my Spirit as I hear the Holy Spirit speaking about 2 buildings as if there will be the old building and then a New building or New House of worship and I feel the older building will be used for the Youth if this makes sense but look for 2 buildings that will be 1 the same but will be separate as the Church steps will be the sign that You will have found the New House of Worship for Your Family says the Lord to You this day.


Dear Steven,

I just want to thank you and let you know that you were very accurate regarding our situation finding a new church. I have just started attending a new church with my family that is 2 buildings in 1: the original (which is now used for the youth, like you said!) and a larger new auditorium, which is the newer addition. I knew about this church but explored online to learn more before we attended. I have been concerned that this church doesn't let the Spirit flow. I miss the worship and tongues and prophecy present in our last church. There are no church steps outside this building as the Lord referenced, but there is a notable set of church steps inside the structure, which belong to the original church entryway. These steps lead the way to the children and youth area. The larger youth program is what initial had drawn us to this church.

I have longed to go to a more Apostolic church where my children can experience the presence and power of our supernatural God, but it would seem the Lord is letting me know He has plans and they are good plans. Maybe I should keep looking online- but this sounds VERY much like the church we have already started to visit.

Thank you for your time, wisdom and care Steven. I am so grateful to you and have been so blessed because of you!!

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