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Request Prophetic word 4 Your career, does God care?

Does God care if you are happy in your Career and Job that you have chosen for your life? Yes, he cares, and he cares 100% if your happy or not in regard to working at least 40 hours per week or sometimes even more just to make ends meet for you and your family. It's important that your happy in the right job and career because this can affect your family life as well.

There is a way to find out if you are in the right job and career and that is to ask God and pray and request prophetic word from a proven personal prophecy word ministry. Steven Svec is such a minister that can inquire on your behalf before the Lord for this arena of your life at Request Personal Prophecy | Personal Prophecy 4U (

This is steven's words 4 U on his website to help you look for that perfect job in Christ Jesus He says Job & Career 4U

This Option is for you if you are still searching for your Passion in this life? Let me bring this SPECIFIC question before the Creator of the Universe and bring Enlightenment and Hope into your Quest for meaning and fulfillment for your Passion to Provide for yourself and even your loved ones. Please allow 7 Full Business days from Request and request prophetic word here on my ministry page Request Prophetic Word | Personal Prophecy 4U (

So, if you or someone you know are in this kind of position for finding that perfect job and career that will give you happiness and give you peace everyday of your life that you go to work and be happy in doing so and remember that when you're working your working unto the lord and be appreciated that dog has answered your prayers and will use Prophet steven to Prophesy the True word of the Lord with Specifics that will help guide your footsteps into that perfect career path that has been predestined for you even before you were ever born on the earth. request prophetic word for your career and job life from prophet steven at Request Personal Prophecy | Personal Prophecy 4U (

If you have been blessed by this post and hope and encouragement has been given to your life once again, please share this blog post to as many people and friends and family that can benefit from it from Prophet Steven and his Ministry of request prophetic word at his website today Request Personal Prophecy | Personal Prophecy 4U (

Amen, and God bless all your seekering today in God the Father.


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