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Request Prophetic Word from Steven Svec "The True Proven Word of The Lord"

Everyone is searching for the REAL Word of The Lord on Planet Earth these days. Everyone is searching for a request prophetic word for their lives that will bring true encouragement and hope that is REAL and will bring REAL change that will last a lifetime in the one True God and His Son Jesus the Christ. I have good news 4 U dear friend that has been searching to hear the word of the Lord through a request prophetic word that will bring a smile to your face for REAL! Steven Svec is a man that carry's the true word of the Lord within him since a very early age he was making predictions of what the Future would bring to his family members on many different occasions even before the age of 5 years old. This was just the start of this man's unique gift of request prophetic word arena for someone's life as he began to grow in the knowledge of Jesus the Christ as His Personal Lord and Savior that made him a child Prodigy in regard to Predicting Future events not just nationally but on a personal level in the arena of request prophetic word to this very day. You can request prophetic word from this man of God through the online Platform at his ministry website at Request Personal Prophecy | Personal Prophecy 4U (

Many say that they can Prophesy the word of the Lord accurately, but they just are lying and deceitful individuals that are just out for one thing and that's to take your money and give you a fake generic request prophetic word that they will say is coming from Jesus who is the Spirit of Prophecy but they are deceitful individuals and you will find them on the social media platforms as self-proclaimed prophets of God, FAKE, FAKE and will do anything to get into your Wallets and just tell you what you want to hear. All their words fall to the ground but unfortunately this is the day and age of social media, and anyone can be or say anything and people will take it at face value just to tickle your ears to gain as many followers as possible. Steven does not have social media accounts to do this kind of deceitful practices. He does have Facebook and Instagram for posting His REAL testimonies that bring glory to God through the Gift of God within him since his Birth. Request prophetic word is real dear saints and when used correctly can bring great confirmation and predictions into your life through a God Gifted and called and commissioned from Jesus himself as you can read a portion of Steven's testimony on his ministry website. He has a page called "Mysteries of Adonai" that he writes of encounters of going to Heaven and seeing Angels and Jesus Himself and what really happens to a Soul when they transition from life to death as we will all cross the veil back into eternity one day. Steven has had literally countless visions and dreams of the afterlife and the great mystery of God for the short time that we are all her on this earth. Request prophetic word can help you find that path of God's PERFEECT will for your life in every arena of your life. Request prophetic word from a true and proven source like Steven for the past 8 years on this online ministry platform as 1 particular encounter He had with Christ the Lord in the FLESH not a vision or dream but literally in the flesh that launched His online Ministry Platform back in 2013 was this 1 particular encounter and then in 2015 launched his ministry website and the rest is History dear friends as He bring real Hope and encouragement into people's lives with a 100% guarantee that you will be encouraged in your walk and journey's on this earth in Christ Jesus the Lord. You can request prophetic word at His ministry website at Request Prophetic Word | Personal Prophecy 4U (

Steven has a Testimony page you can read with over 80+ Testimonies presently that you can read to raise your faith to believe for your request prophetic word breakthrough daily if you need. You can request prophetic word from him and have a daily or monthly or yearly platform for His REAL counsel as the word of the Lord is strong within him that will reveal SECRETS of your life that only you that Steven is hearing correctly for your life and He presently has 8 different request prophetic word options available to choose from for every arena of your life in Christ Jesus.

Steven Svec is the Real Deal! His Gift has touched the lives that are in the 10,000's now from just about every nation on planet earth and has brought many to the saving grace and knowledge of Christ Jesus which is the greatest Miracle and really is what the True Prophetic Ministry is all about and the arena of request prophetic word is supposed to be used for the body of Christ to come together not tear it apart but for the benefit for all people both Christian and those yet to receive the saving grace of Christ the Lord.

So, if you are searching for the REAL and not the FAKE like those on the social media platform, navigate and click the link above for Steven's ministry website that will bring great encouragement into your life and hope that will cause your faith to be increased to believe once again that God knows everything about your life and cares for every decision that you make and to help you go down the PERFECT path that will bring you into the revelation of what life is really all about and that LOVE is the greatest of all Gifts from God the Father. So many Christians just live in the acceptable will of God not the PERFECT will of God and are searching for answers, REAL answers for their lives and the Gift of God within Steven for request prophetic word will help you get back on the correct path to fulfill all that was pre-planned even before you were born into your mother's womb on this earth dear friend, so I want to encourage you to request prophetic word from a REAL man of God with Character that matches his Gift from God and will give you sound biblical advice but also reveal the SECRETS that will help navigate your life's path on this earth in Christ Jesu the Lord.

If you have been blessed and encouraged by this post, please share it with as many people that you know are searching to her directly from Heaven for their lives as request prophetic word from a Real Prophet of God in Steven will bring real change and real HOPE into everyone's life that requests his counsel on this on-line Platform and to JESUS be all the Glory and Honor, always, God Bless you all this day!


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