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Request Prophetic Word from Steven Svec the True Word of The Lord!

Do you need a Miracle today? Are you in need of true encouragement in Christ Jesus? request prophetic word from Prophet Steven Svec and receive your breakthrough you have been praying for. The Gift of God within steven for request prophetic word is so unique and so specific and so real that it will leave you in awe of what God is able to do through a yielded and called vessel that has dedicated his life to the arena of request a prophecy since his birth on this earth. Many say they can Prophecy, but they can't, and they will real you in to donate money into their PayPal account as they speak false request prophetic word usually from the social media platform of fake it until you make type Prophecy. Steven's gift is real and has been proven throughout the decades and even the last 8 years on the online platform through the internet alone. You can request prophetic word from Steven at his ministry website at Request Personal Prophecy | Personal Prophecy 4U (

request prophetic word 4 healing is also very biblical and steven has used his gift of request prophetic word for documented verified healings that have come through his ministry as the true word of the Lord is released with God's holy anointing of a true gift from God, you will then and only then understand that steven's gift is the real deal with request prophetic word that comes to pass as spoken and healings and supernatural healings happen when the people that he sends their prophecy's to as they read them they feel the tangible presence of God as the Holy Spirit move on them and they feel the presence of God and are completely made whole in Jesus name.

Read the below testimony of a healing that steven request prophetic word for an individual that gave her the encouragement to receive her Healing with a specific diet change that made all the difference in the world as supernatural knowledge was revealed to him from the lord as His request prophetic word came to pass for this person and the rest is history and to JESUS be all the Glory.

Her Question: What can I do to participate in my Healing?

Her Prophecy Below the Word of The Lord:

I brought your request before the Lord dear sister, and I am Inspired to speak and say that you are doing nothing wrong and that anything to do with generational issues as far as spiritual that are the problems of what you are presently facing and experiencing says the Lord. Now this is going to be a bit different, but I am going to speak this to you and prayerfully it will resonate and witness in your spirit as to what has been revealed through Impressions of your physical condition. I have the Impression of the Environment that you now are living in and yes, it is something that is generational BUT not spiritual if this makes sense. I have a strong Impression of your Immune system that is just not working the way it should and I have a strong Impression for you to start doing an entire body cleanse of foods of what to eat and not to eat. I even am seeing any kind of Dairy to stay completely away from and to focus on fruits and vegetables and now as I am typing this, I have the Impression of the Daniel fast? I don't know if you have ever done anything like that before, but I feel that a CLEANSE is what your body is needing to get rid of what I am calling generational physical symptoms that can be passed down through your genes from generation to generation and I feel you are at a point of your Time here on the Earth is affecting you and as I am typing this I have a heavy breathe or it feels hard for me to breathe in normally and I feel like my heart is beating too strong to keep up with my breathe? I don't know if you have issues like this, this is how the Spirit reveals things to me as like a word of knowledge of people's conditions at times, but I feel that a cleanse will help you tremendously and to give that a go as this is what I heard the Spirit speak. Fruits and Vegetables and try doing smoothies as well and I feel to drink nothing but water and lots of it. I believe most of this is actually on the Daniel fast as you can look it up or google it. Check with your doctor first and let him or her know if you decide to give this a go and see if this will be the beginnings of you becoming and walking in perfect Health while you are on the Earth. Please pray about this as I am very serious of what I just received while bringing your request before the Lord, okay. Also, one last thing I have the Impression of Celery? I don't know if you eat this on a regular basis, but I feel that this vegetable would be very beneficial to begin to start eating or you can even juice it as well if you have a juicer, but I also feel that this will give you and your Immune system a great boost as well...

Her Response to her Prophecy and Confirmation below:

Thank you so much for your amazing confirmation. I recently saw a nutritionist who suggest a food elimination diet which I have started and Dairy Products to discontinue as much as possible. All of the symptoms you describe are true. It's nice to know that I am on the right path.

Thank you for this amazing Prophecy confirmation.

If you have been blessed by this blog post, please share it with as many people that need a request prophetic word healing in Jesus' name, and they will receive the true word of the lord from a man that is the real deal and has a real gift from God to bring real hope into people's lives. Amen!


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