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Request Prophetic Word New Age

Blessings to all my Blog Post readers in the name of Jesus the Christ and Son of the Living God Adonai Creator of all the Universe's and their are many!

Today's Testimony Request Prophetic word "dangerous Occult" is one Great Mercy and Compassion of God for all those and especially all those that have yet to come into the revelations of the saving Grace of Christ Jesus in His Death and Resurrection for all who call on the name of the Lord (Jesus) will be saved as Romans 10:13 says "All those who call on the name of the Lord shall be Saved" and this is where our Blog Post Testimony begins through the eyes of a non-believer who was searching for the meaning of life as he was 28 years old and was even questioning his existence and why he was living and for what purpose as so many people in todays society who turn to the supernatural and things that goes bump in the night and Ghosts and Haunted Houses and get involved in the Occult and Practices of talking to the dead and spirit guides and I could go on and on and on of these things that can open up a door of evil that will follow people and this is exactly what happened to this young man.

He began to use Ouija boards a "dangerous Occult Practice" and began to try and communicate with God was his thought process or a higher consciousness or anything that could give him direction for his life and purpose was his desire to become wealthy and famous and live the life of a King and enjoy his life while he was living, but wasn't living this kind of life and wondering why some people are lucky and then there are people like him that live from paycheck to paycheck and life seems so fruitless.

He one day came across my ministry website Request Prophetic word  and he made a request prophetic word for his life in general which is called a request prophetic word traditional prophecy option I offer on my online Platform website. Basically how this request prophetic word option works is that I bring the individuals first name only before the Lord in Prayer and Meditation and the Lord begins to share with me visions and specifics of that persons life regardless if they are a believer in God or Jesus or just and Atheist. Read below what God showed me for this man and then the Miraculous deliverance the Lord did for dangerous Occult Practice he did and set him free from the bondage of the Occult and New Age Movements that he was involved in as I had know foreknowledge of this as He never spoke anything, just wanted a request prophetic word form my website and the Gift of God within me.

I do as I usually do for people and I went into deep prayer and meditation for them and just listened to what the Holy Spirit would say and reveal in Visions of my Mind in what I would be able to see and hear on their behalf as the word of the Lord came to me about this young man I was shown visions of his Occult Practices and that he was being tormented and lied to by a evil entity that called itself (God). I was shown more visions of this mans life and even where he lived and a friend of his named Maria, it was actually his girlfriend the Lord told me and they both were searching for the TRUTTH and meaning of life and then his prophetic word was done and I relayed everything back to him and you can imagine he was shocked! lol

Ii told him about his girlfriend "Maria" and that she loved him very much and he loved her very much as well, but they needed to stop the Occult activity and renounce it in the name of JESUS CHRIST and they would be delivered and set free because the bible says in whom the son sets free is free indeed John 8:36. He listened to my words as He thought I was some kind of guru or something but I told him that I am just like him but I serve the God of the Bible and Jesus is my Lord and Savior and Jesus desires as well to come into his life and set him and Maria free of these bondages that keep them from seeing the TRUTH in Christ Jesus alone.

He did what I said and got involved into a Christian church in his arena and He and Maria received Prayer for deliverance and were set free and Jesus came into both of their lives and as far as I know to this day are living for God and Jesus is their Lord and Savor. TRUE STORY, great Testimony to the Grace and Mercy of God almighty to reach out to non believers searching for the meaning of life and Truth that can only come through Christ Jesus the Lord, Amen!

I want you to be the next great testimony of request prophetic word on my ministry website of the same you can request prophetic word on this post or click this link now request prophetic word and God will do the same for you if you desire him to do whether your a believer of request prophetic word or not it doesn't matter to God because he will shown himself real to those who truly are seeking the truth and the saving grace of Christ Jesus can only give through a real request prophetic word for your life in the one true living God of Humanity.

More Grace and Peace to all

Prophet Steven Your Blog Post Writer

Servant of the most High

Man who didnt believe in God becomes a believer with a request prophetic word from Prophet Steven
Request Prophetic Word


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