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Request Prophetic Word from Prophet Steven Svec Today!

Are YOU Ready for real Hope and Encouragement in the arena of request prophetic word for your life in Christ? There is the FAKE and the REAL! You will find all the Fake request prophetic word on any social media platform with all the self-proclaimed Prophets feeding you lies and just want to steal your money away in the name of the Gospel of Christ and they could care less about you as a person, just your money! I have GOOD NEWS 4 U my Friend. There is a man who has a proven Track record of request prophetic word through the online Platform for the past 8 years and has Prophesied 1000's of request prophetic word to people all over the world and just about every nation on planet earth and this man's Specific request prophetic word has stood the test of Time. Steven Svec has been born with the REAL gift of Prophecy! It's not something that can be learned or even imparted as some believe nowadays that if someone just prays for you to receive the Gift of Prophecy it will just happen and that is 100% FALSE dear friends. Real request prophetic word that is Prophesied and comes to pass as Predicted is rare on the Earth now, but Steven Svec can back up His words with Testimonies that will literally leave you speechless of God's Gift within Him since his birth on this Earth. You can request prophetic word from Steven at His Ministry website of Request Personal Prophecy | Personal Prophecy 4U (

Click the link in the above paragraph and receive the True word of the Lord into your life through Prophet Steven Today in Christ Jesus the Lord. Go and read on His website all the testimonies of people just like yourself to raise your faith to believe for your request prophetic word breakthrough in the arena of Personal Prophecy today.

Many say they can Prophesy but they can't back it up with verified proof of their Prophecies coming to pass because they don't! They hide behind their computer screens and lie to you and tell you a request prophetic word for you, but they just want your money and just shut down their computer screen and rake in the money through their PayPal accounts they market before their audience through the arena of social media nowadays. If your tired of these fake people and fake prophets and want to receive a real request prophetic word for your life in Christ, then Prophet Steven can deliver the True word of the Lord for your life today dear friend. Here is a verified sample of Steven's ability to Predict your Future with real encouragement verified on His Ministry website, read below and be get and request prophetic word today from the Real Deal and God's Gift in action 4 U in Christ the Lord, read below.

"Dec. 15th, 2017, Exact Day Prediction Fulfilled"

More Testimonies of the Word of the Lord Revealing the SECRETS of Men and Woman! You about to read a Prophecy from me that has only happened now twice in my Ministry so far. I was able to Predict the EXACT date of a Prophecy for a woman concerning a Purchase of a Brand-New Truck. This Prediction Prophecy is from one of my Monthly Partners. Being a Monthly Partner has a lot of perks as you can ask me any 1 Question that I can Inquire about and bring before the Lord on your behalf each month. Her question was concerning a possible Truck she wanted to try and purchase by the end of the year 2017 and whether she would even be approved for a New Model or Used Model as she really wanted a New Model but didn't know if she would be approved or not. I brought her request and question before the Lord concerning the truck. Not only did I Predict the EXACT day of her Purchase but also told her how and that she would be assisted by a Christian Individual as well who turned out to be her salesperson. I made the Prediction on November 4th, 2017, to her in a email Prophecy which you will read below my friends. I give the Lord Jesus Christ ALL the Glory and Honor for the Gifting within me to bring such Hope into people's lives like this. Please read the Prophecy below and be encouraged to request your Personal Prophecy from me and the Gifting within me from God. Blessings! PROPHECY SPOKEN NOVEMBER 4TH 2017 READ BELOW: As I brought your question before the Lord concerning a vehicle to be purchased the Spirit says " Your Fingertips will do your walking this year as the prospects will be many. The DEALS will be scene through your Computer and even your phone as the Word of The Lord shall direct your attention to the 1st week in DECEMBER and will direct you towards the Transportation that not only will bring a smile to your face, but the savings of a NEW Model will capture your attention and 2017 will continue 4U into 2018 and beyond says the Lord to you this day.. Amen... PROPHETIC INSIGHTS REVEALED I feel that you will have the Opportunity to Purchase a 2018 NEW model and get a great deal are my Impressions. I have the Impression as well of the 15th of December will be a significant time frame and I feel that you could possibly have your NEW WHITE Vehicle by this time frame or will be in negotiations and the Favor of the lord will prevail on your behalf as another Christian will be looking out for your well-being during this time as well.. okay... Blessings to you S*****e.. HER RESPONSE AND CONFIRMATION OF PROPHECY COME TO PASS BELOW: I also realized I didn’t email you about the prophecy you gave me concerning buying a new vehicle. You said that December 15, 2017, would be of great significance, you said that you saw me buying a White Ford 4 x 4 truck. On December 15 that’s exactly what I bought was a Ford F150 4 x 4 2018 platinum white truck!! The color combination that I wanted was very hard to find (platinum white pearl with light tan interior) and I was working with a Christian man at the dealership just like you said in your prophecy to me. I was sad to learn that my dealership did not have this truck in their enormous lot, but the Lord intervened. My dealership located the truck that I was looking for on different lot 300 miles away when that dealership approached my dealership and wanted a car in their inventory. The Christian man I was working scanned their inventory and found the truck in their lot!! They exchanged inventory! I love my new truck which is just absolutely beautiful and gift from God!! Thank you so much for your prophecies in leading me to the will of the Lord. Thank you!

If you have been encouraged by this blog post, please share it with as many people as you can and request prophetic word today for your future tomorrow in Christ the Lord through Prophet Steven now!


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