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FRANCE "Knock Knock Knocking on Heaven's Door"

This is what Is to come within the next 25 years through 2050 on Planet Earth. Peace will first be accomplished starting January 20th 2025 for as I have already Prophesied 2/6/2024 The Return of The King Trump for 4 more years and a 2nd Term will be fulfilled and than 8 more Years as the 2nd in Command will become the 1st in Command for 8 more Years for a total of 12 Years of God's Grace and Mercy on Planet Earth as AMERICA will once again restore the the balance of power and stand TALL once again amongst the nations of the Earth as the bond from America with Israel will become stronger than ever in their History. It's AFTER these 12 years that what has been Prophesied for thousands of years will begin to unfold on the World Stage as Kingdoms will Rise up against Kingdoms and FRANCE will be the Key of the Unveiling of the Evil One says the Lord this day!


These are the Words and Predictions of what I was allowed to hear and see as Evil will surely follow this Countries Regine and Leadership as this Land that is preparing the Footsteps of the Evil One that has been Prophesied about that will bring into affect the One World order and the One that will sit above the Nations and Rule with the Bear and merge together in the not so distant Future as the Chicken will come HOME to Roost and the Rooster will Lay down with the Bear says the Spirit of The Lord!

I had a night vision on 2/29/24 early morning of a man standing faceless on a map of France and he had a smaller map of France in His hands torn in 2 as if he was dividing the Nation and I Heard the Lord say "Proclamation Reformation Treaty" as the Secular song I was hearing during this Night Vision from Bob Dylan called "Knocking on Heavens door" was being played and I awoke Immediately. I believe this will have a direct affect one day in the not so distant Future as I Prophesied already in FRANCE "The Country that will one day betray Europe" I don't or haven't received anymore revelation about this Country except that the LORD is revealing a SECRET for all to keep watch of this Country and the Leadership that's ALREADY in Place and I feel strongly just waiting for the Lords OKAY to allow this Leadership to begin to Breakaway and Merge with the Bear and form a Alliance that will cause NATO to turn against this Country France. The Lord would say to keep your Friends close, but your Enemies closer as the YEARS (2 Decades) will Reveal that sleeping with Your Enemy will once again cause the Spirit of The Nephilim to Rise and Merge into another unholy Union says the Spirit of the Lord this day!

Steven Robert Svec

Servant of the Lord


World Prophecies and Predictions


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