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This Prophecy and Prediction that I am going to release today 2/6/2024 via my Ministry website called Prophetic Insights 4U and the Page which is called "World Prophecies and Predictions" that I am going to be releasing as I feel led by the Lord to the Public and all those who have followed my on-line Platform since 2015. I initially was Inspired to do Request Personal Prophecy only as this has been my Focus on Bringing the True Word of The Lord to people Individually one on one who requested my Counsel and Wisdom and the Gift of God within me for Request Personal Prophecy Words for people of all Races and Religions as I would lift up the name and bring Glory to the name of Jesus the Christ the Son of Almighty God creator of the World's (Hebrews 11:3)

Please Read this Entire Prophecy Prediction to the end and My Heart to Follow the Leading of the Holy Spirit.

I am led to start releasing World Prophecies and Predictions as I have been shown and heard and feel that it is now MY Time to begin this last part of what I feel the Lord has called me and Gifted within me to bring into the light of what is to come in our near Future on this Planet Earth. I am not an Ordained Minister or am I a 501c3 non profit Organization nor do I follow any Organization or sent from any Organization or Ministry. I am just a man with a Gift from God (About Steven) who hears what I call the "True word of the Lord" Individually for people and now to the World and Nations as the Lord allows me and directs me to do so and this is my First World Prediction of what I believe is to come for the Nation of America and more Specifically the 2024 Elections of America and those that will be involved and up to the 2025 January 20th Inauguration as more Secrets will be revealed within this Prophecy and Prediction that I feel led to have documented and verified and dated today 2/6/2024. NO ONE to my knowledge of what many would call the mainstream Prophetic Ministries have released or Predicted but have only given excuses as to how it MAY play out in the near Future as we approach the first week in November 5th 2024. The issue is the silence of these REAL GOD CALLED PROPHETS who have become silent for the fear of man and their ministries and the money that goes with it all. The Lord showed me that they have all become silent because of this and their Predictions of the 2020 elections were wrong and because of this now they are taking a "Back seat" as the Lord spoke it in that wording. The Lord was not taken by SURPRISE of what happened in 2020 because HE sees all and knows all. ALL that is happening now is by HIS design and HIS plans to use what HE allowed to happen just as HE used Pharaoh in the days of Egypt and the Israelites captivity of 400 years of being slaves to the Egyptians, so is HE using the present administration of the Presidency of the United States of America as He called the one sitting in the seat of the Highest and Powerful Position a "Puppet" and one that has brought the great Nation of AMERICA to its knees for the entire world to see. So shall this Pharaoh, this "Puppet" and the Puppets Masters be used for the Glory of God as the Return of the King will come and a 2nd Term will be established through the Rod of Moses that shall come and part another RED SEA, and even as the Pharaoh's army of the present age will try and derail God's Perfect Plan Masterpiece, it will come to nothing as accusation after accusation after accusation will fall to the ground and will ultimately prepare the Path of the Return of The King to the Highest seat in the Nation of America once again and begin once again to REBUILD what has been lost says the Lord.

There will be 4 Years of Peace but there will be within the Nation of America "Small Fires" of what has penetrated the borders of the Great Nation, but these will be put out and they will flee to leave the nation but there will be Borders and they will have know where to go but try and Hide, but they will be found and these small cells of Fire will be vanquished and put out for good during the Return of the Kings 4 Years. Peace will prevail throughout the World once again, says the Lord. BUT WAIT, there is more as the 2nd in Command will one day become the 1st in command as 8 years more will the Hand of The Lord sustain the Great Nation of America and it will Flourish for a total of 11 1/2 years from the start of the Return of the King until the 2nd in command will take command for 7 1/2 years. NOW, when this time will come and end, so shall the Darkness once again raise up as the Bear (Russia) and the Dragon (China) will merge together as ONE and it won't be in Secret, it will be for all to See says the Lord in the days and months and years to come, so shall this be the Time and Tale of 2 World events. 1st There will come the last Great REVIVAL in the World and America will be at the forefront of Persecutions even as 3rd world countries experience now says the Lord, and 2nd will be the great falling away as the Last days and Years will be unfolding for all to see there will be ONE that many will take notice of and HE will seemingly have all the answers to the World's Problems and He will take a High seat above the nations of the Earth as the Political arena will become His High Seat to Rule and Reign as if HE were like Me says the Lord. "End of Partial Prophecy for now" Keep reading below.

To all that have read this Partial Prophecy of what is to come for the next 12 years starting January 20th 2025.

These are my Insights and Impressions and what I was allowed to see and hear as the World stage and SPECIFICALLY that Great Nation of America will have her last Years of Fruitful Peace and Honor as the days of Darkness will once again consume the Land. I will release more as the Lord allows and I feel led. I know many will not even read this Prophecy as I am just a small man Ministry and faceless to the mainstream big popular Prophetic Ministries and my reach to many is mainly Request personal Prophecy as I will always do because this is the Lord's Gift within me to use for His Glory. I don't do much on Social Media as I truly despise it and what it has become. My Reach is to those that the Lord will direct to read and share this Partial Prophecy as I have much more to say and been shown. I pray the Peace and Grace be to all and that You would have a open Heart when reading the words above I believe in my Heart are from the Heart of the Lord. The World needs JESUS and the Time is short my brothers and sisters. I can only pray that you take to heart and take to Prayer before the Lord Jesus.

No Man or Woman is Perfect, but GOD will use what He can because the Heart of man since the Fall of Man and the Adamic Nature of the Flesh wars against the Spirit every day. I say this as a Riddle and as a OPEN Secret, do not look to a man or woman and their flaws because WE ALL have them, but look to God and His Wisdom of who HE chooses because that Man will have many Flaws, but GOD sees the Potential and knows the Future of what is to come. The Return of The King has many Flaws, but HE IS GOD'S man for such a Time as this, be in Prayer, always.

These are my words and Predictions of what is to come in the Next few years.

If you desire to for me to inquire for a request personal prophecy for yourself which is what the Lord has Gifted me with since my birth, please make your request personal prophecy here. It would be my honor to Prophesy the TRUE Word of the Lord over your life and also you can read all the confirmed and verified Testimonials on my Ministry website as well to increase your Faith for your own Request Personal Prophecy breakthrough in Christ Jesus the Lord and HIS Gift of Prophecy within me for HIS GLORY!

Steven Robert Svec 2/6/2024

Servant of The Lord

World Prophecies and Predictions 2/6/2024


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