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TRUMPS Running Mate MAN or Woman?

This is a Prediction and NOT a what "The saith the Lord" as of now simply because Visions and Dreams can be received by ANYONE whether a Christian or non-Christian and Interpretation is at best 50/50!. Many of my Contemporaries with their High Social Media Platforms that millions of people are being led astray simply because of the Technology of the age as their World and National Predictions of Dreams and Visions and Interpretations have ALL have fallen to the ground and where the Human race is at the brink of the book of Revelations fully to become REAL especially within the next 25 years starting January 20th 2025 at the Inauguration of Donald J Trump as the Official 47th President of the Great Nation of America by THE HAND OF GOD! Please read my Documented PROPHECY 2/6/2024 called "The return of the King Trump" Also read my Documented and already fulfilled PROPHECY called "Haley the Lips that lie like Jezebel" as just a Pre-Cursor of what is to come for the Greatest Nation on Planet Earth AMERICA!

NOW, I know what some of the main stream Prophetic Ministries Contemporaries and with all their followers for MONEY MONEY MONEY has already prophesied about a Woman Possibility for Trumps Second in Command. I have seen Differently and Inspired by the Holy Spirit within me and ALL Christ followers of the NEW TESTAMENT that a MAN will stand next to Donald J Trump as second in Command for the main reason to be able to take America past the next 4 Years into the following 8 Years after Trump as the GRACE AND MERCY of God will be experienced for the Great Nation of America! The 21st Century Church has gotten as far away from the 1st Century Church as it has ever been and mainly because of the Social Media Platforms and Technology that has brought the World to the brink of The Book of Revelations which is a Prophecy that is SET IN STONE dear saints. It's not a matter of if, it's just a matter of WHEN it will come to pass unlike the Mainstream Prophets of Today who are completely unaccountable for their False Predictions and blaming the CHURCH for their Predictions they say came from the Lord not coming to pass and yet because of their crafty wording always will have a escape route if their words Fall to the ground like they do continuously Year after Year as they Preach the False Doctrine of the NEW TESTAMET 10% Tithe because they trust man for their Provision instead of GOD! If they didn't have a Social Media Platform they wouldn't even have a Ministry that only Promises but NEVER Delivers. They would actually have to work a secular job and serve which is as the Apostle Paul was the Perfect prototype of such a TRUE SERVANT of the Lord. Paul never said once about a mandatory 10% Tithe but he said in 2 Corinthians 9:7-9 and I quote (NKJV) "So let each one give as he purposes in his heart, not grudgingly or of necessity (out of fear) for God Loves a cheerful giver" This is just one of the false teachings of the 21st century Church Prosperity Message which is 100% biblically FALSE. I could go on and on about this but lets keep to the reason for this Blog Post concerning MAN or Woman that will stand with the 47th President of the United States as Prophesied by this faceless Prophet on Assignment through 1/20/2025 and then I will be gone from this Social Media Platform as the Lord has spoken to me. My Prediction/Interpretation ONLY that there will be a MAN second in command. The reason I say Prediction is that it comes through visions and dreams but not a thus saith the Lord. But it's interesting to me that is completely opposite of what has been Prophesied and also by others in dreams and visions of a Woman will be second in command and these are the same people who have been wrong Year after Year after Year. I will be calling these Individuals out in another Blog Post eventually as you will see their words again fall to the ground and yet people will still throw money at their feet tax FREE for the water downed Gospel of the 21st Century Church. Time will tell shortly.

Always be in Prayer dear saints for the Times we are living in are the beginning of the days of the book of Revelations to MANIFEST in the Natural as the whole world will be affected both Christian and non-Christian will all go through the appointed Times to come, so be it Lord for Your Glory Alone!

Prediction/Interpretation ONLY by Prophet Steven Robert Svec


Faceless Servant of The Lord

World Prophecy and Predictions VP


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