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Haley "Lies like the Lips of Jezebel"

PROPHECY FULLFILLED 100% Haley "Lies like the Lips of Jezebel" AND the Lord would say this day 3/6/2024 This One who has broken Her Vow to the American people and even before ME and the great Nation of America and quotes My Holy Cannon as if she will define the outcome of a general election for the Nation of America. Even Lucifer knows and quoted MY Holy Scripture to my Son as well. I will still use that which is good within Her, even as I will use the Good that is within The Return of the King Trump as I have already spoken through my Prophet. If you can receive this word that I say, keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer says the Spirit of the Lord this very day!

Steven Robert Svec

Servant of the Lord


*** UPDATE*** Watch Today 2/24/2024 by days end in AMERICA as this word will partially come to pass as GOD Already knows the Future and as HIS word says in Amos 3:7-8 that HE will do nothing on the Earth before he revealth his SECRETS to his Servants the Prophet's. This is just the pre-cursor of The Return of the King Trump released February 6th through this Ministry and Gifting of The Lord. To JESUS be ALL the Glory!

Steven Robert Svec


Who is this One who says that the next President of the Great Nation of America will be a Woman? For I have not Commissioned nor have I appointed it as this is not the Season or Time by ME!

Jezebel, why do you raise your Voice against MY Chosen and Anointed One for this King will not run and Hide in a cave but His voice will be the Voice of Reason and Negotiation that will usher in once again Peace that will prevail for America.

Jezebel, I have seen Your True Intentions and I have seen into your bed Chambers and hear the Secrets that come from Your Lips. For I say, this is the Season for a King and even though a King as a man with Flaws will I use for my plans. For did I not use Saul the first King of Israel and I already knew His Flaws and yet this is what MY children wanted a King and so I gave them what they wanted and used the Good that was within him to Protect my People and the Borders that Protected the Land of Israel. So shall I use this my Chosen King to rebuild the walls as Nehemiah reinforced the walls of Jerusalem, so shall this next King reinforce the Borders of the great Nation of America once again and keep at bay the many enemies that want to bring harm to Her.

But I say to You Jezebel, I will shut your mouth before the People in the coming days and Your Threats and words and lies will fall to the ground. I SEE you and I know you as the lips of beauty, but the intentions of a Fox that straddles the fence that will bring the accusations of War to the land of Freedom, BUT I will stop you at the Gates, even before the People you call YOUR own as your influence will grow weaker and weaker in the days to come says the Lord to You this very day.

This is the 2nd of what I am calling "The Trilogy" of what's to come Present and Future for The Great Nation of AMERICA. I will be releasing the 3rd and final of this Trilogy Series by next week end of February 16th the latest, Stay Tuned. The Return of the King Trump was the 1st and released on 2/6/2024. PLEASE share these Predictions as to many believers as You can. I do not have the Social Media Platform as I left Social Media 8 years ago now as the Lord directed for My Work and My Gift from HIM to be established first and now My Time is beginning with much more to say and reveal for World Prophecies and Predictions for the Church and Nations and Prophesy the True Word of The Lord on a Personal Level that has been established since 2015 now. Friend me on my Facebook page or follow at

THERE IS MUCH MORE TO COME and GREAT ENCOURAGEMENT FOR THOSE THAT HAVE BECOME WEARY. I lift YOU up in the Name of Christ our Lord to keep running Your Race and Keep Your Faith as the best is Yet to come before the END of the BEGINNING will start and the sign of the Times will signify THEN a Woman President will Take her Place eventually in America, but for now The KING will Reign once again to fulfill the Words from the Mouth of my Singing Prophet says the Lord.

*** Update 2/10/2024 This Prophecy in what I was shown and heard was SPECIFICALLY for the 2024 Elections. I am aware that others have Prophesied concerning the Present Biden administration that Kamala Harris may become for a short period of Time acting President would then make her the first woman president? I wasn't shown anything regarding this situation but I do believe regardless the the next Presidential election of America November 5th 2024 will be a MAN and this man will finish what He was called to do. I also feel from my Insights and Impressions that one day America will have a verified 4 to 8 term woman president, but also my Insights are that when this happens and especially at the end of her 4 or 8 year term this is when chaos will come and the beginning of the end will have begun as a sign of the days of darkness will surely fill the Earth. Pray Watch and Obey dear Saints.


Steven Robert Svec

Servant of The Lord

Prophecies and Predictions


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