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Receive your Personal Prophetic Word

This is going to be one of the best Blog Post you will ever read about Angels and the Supernatural ways of God and His divine Intervention for people just like you and me. Most people don't even believe in Angels or the supernatural or even God for that matter. Most people will admit to there is something after we die like maybe a Heaven or afterlife to some degree but will not admit to a supernatural occurrence that may happen in their won life's but just put it of to chance or coincidence and this is where my story begins, sit back and read the wonders of God and HIS Creation of the Angelic Realm and the Hosts of Heaven that are usually unseen but are always ready to assist and help as God the Father directs them according to scripture Psalms 91: 11-12 says For He (God) shall give his angels charge over you. To keep you in all Your ways. In their hands they shall bear you up, lest you dash your foot against a stone. But the scripture we will be dwelling on today for this incredible story is in Hebrews 13:2 which says" Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for many entertain Angels unaware"

I go to a very charismatic church Pentecostal style if you understand what that is and we believe in the supernatural of God and Angels. I have a friend who operates in the Gifting of receive your personal prophetic word. He has been called a Seer or Prophet just like in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. He just likes to be called Brother Steven but most call him Prophet Steven. He gives words for receive your personal prophetic word for people who believe or don't believe it doesn't matter because it's God speaking through him and not Steven using his own mind or words or emotions when he does a receive your personal prophetic word for people every single day. I brought my best friend to church last Sunday who isn't a believer in anything or God or Angels but I have been asking him and asking him and asking him to come with me to just one of our church services to experience for himself the love of God that I know he has never had the opportunity to do because he just don't believe in God let alone angels.

We got to church on a Sunday morning and I could tell he just didn't want to be there but I think this was his way of finally getting me off his back to stop asking him over and over again, so he finally gave in and we are at church and right in the middle of the pastors sermon, the man I told you about Steven, stood up and walked over to where me and my friend were sitting and whenever the Pastor sees Steven do something like this the pastor as well as the rest of the congregation church know that something supernatural is about to happen and somehow Steven is always a conduit of this kind of receive your personal prophetic word ministry. Steven says right away to my friend, your new here today right? my friend says yes I am, and then Steven then says we have never met or talked before have we to my friend and my friend says I have know idea who you are or what your about to say but I have never seen you before in my life. Just then Steven begins to Prophesy over my friend and begins to speak to him as if he knew him and began describing his life and events and even his house and what it looks like and his phone number and street address where he live and even talks about his dog named Bruno that just shocks my friend to his very core. My Friend now is kind of spooked out and wondering what is about to happen next, so was I, lol. Steven told him that 2 weeks ago he picked up a hitchhiker on the side of the road who was looking for a ride and actually looked homeless but my friend has a good heart and always has been friendly to everyone even hitchhikers so he decided to give this hitchhiker a lift into town in which he was driving to at the time to visit his Grandfather in a retirement home as he did this once a week. But how could Steven know this happened unless God was speaking through him for a receive your personal prophetic word to my friend and he was doing just that.

Steven or Prophet Steven then described the Hitchhiker as to how he looked and even the color of the shirt he had on and then Steven made a startling statement and said that Hitchhiker was and "Angel" and not just and angel but it was his Guardian angel that watches over him and his earthly life. Well, you can imagine by this time that the receive your personal prophetic word was coming to pass as this is the kind of ministry Prophet Steven operates in our church every week but the level of revelations he was speaking was incredible and some would say supernatural as my friend began to weep uncontrollably as the Angel then appeared right before our eyes and even the entire church witnessed this miracle and the angel said thank you for picking me up you have a good heart and God wants you to know that He loves you and that Jesus is real and God is real and ANGELS are real because I am your angel and I am in charge of helping you on your assignments sons the earth until you go back home to Heaven with your Mom named Beth? Now how could this Angel who just appeared out of nowhere right in front of me and Steven and my Friend, how could he know that my friends mother was already dead and how could he know her name? This is another example of receive your personal prophetic word in action from no less and Angel of God this time!

Well to make a long story short this very day my friend became a believer in God and Jesus and Prophets and Angels and gave his heart to Jesus Christ and was born again and one day will be in Heaven with His Mother named Beth in whom the Angel revealed through a receive your personal prophetic word in action.

What a great Testimony once again of the power of the Love of God to use Human beings and Prophets of God and Angels to bring about a conversion of a sinner into the kingdom of God through the avenue of receive your personal prophetic word. To Jesus be all the Glory and Honor, True Story believe it or not it happened and there are over 200 people who can testify to this moment in time in our church service.

More Grace and Blessings to all

receive your personal prophetic word
Receive your personal prophetic word


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