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Request a personal prophecy

Request a personal prophecy today 11/14/2023 and start our day of on the right foot as your future will benefit from a request a personal prophecy from my ministry online platform. Request a personal prophecy in Christ will bring direction and confirmation into your life's meaning form a proven ministry of prophetic insights 4u or my ministry of personal prophecy 4u but either website will bring a connection between us and you can request a personal prophecy from me at either website. It would be my honour to pray for you and bring your request a personal prophecy before the Lord my dear friends. You can request a personal prophecy just click on the link below and request a personal prophecy from me today and be amamzed for your future tomorrow in Christ the Lord of all Heaven at

Request a personal prophecy daily if you like as many people do as i release the word of the lord over their lives with a request a personal prophecy. It's easy to request a personal prophecy from my ministry website and be encouraged daily is what I tell and advise my counsel to people for their lives in Christ. It's good to have daily encouragement and daily uplifting as the true word of the lord is strong within me to bring hope into peoples lives through request a personal prophecy is my greatest pleasure and hearts desire to do this as this is what I was born to do and give request a personal prophecy for all people of all nations and religions as i share the light of Christ to all regardless of your beliefs at

Read below a testimony of request a personal prophecy I prophesied to this individual and what I saw in a vision for their live and then there words of confirmation and fullfilment when the request a personal prophecy came to pass as spoken through the gift of request a personal prophecy within me, read now below.


TESTIMONIES of The WORD of the Lord Revealing the Secrets of Men and Woman! I had the Pleasure to Prophesy and Speak the WORD of the Lord to a Woman Yesterday Via my Ministry WebsitE as I was Shown in a Vision this Woman carrying BOOKS on what looked to be a Campus.


The WORD of the Lord was revealed to me about her saying " I see you as a TEACHER, I see MINISTRY will come before you as well with Teaching. YOU will Juggle one day with Family and Career and MINISTRY. I see Kindergarten age before me as you will TEACH my Little ones says the Spirit of the Lord" This Woman Responded back to me saying (Hi Steven this word


bear's witness to my Spirit. I am currently a substitute teacher in state of Georgia. My season of subbing is coming to an end because God wants me to get my certificate to teacher. I believed that I will open up my own academy that's where the teaching will come in because God has shown me marrying a pastor and I will need this under my belt) and she went on to say one last thing. ( I mostly sub for kindergarten thru 2nd but I have been doing lot of kindergarten lately sometimes I ask myself why lol.)


Request a Personal prophecy form me today and receive the same request a personal prophecy breakthrough that the lady in the testimony did that you read above. Read one more testimony below and be encouraged today and be assured that your miracle request a personal prophecy is on the way.



I see a vision of a woman lifting up a couch cushion as if she is looking for something or putting something under the cushion which are my Impressions from the Spirit from this Scene before me. it's as if this is being done on purpose, but it is being done for a reason that is not being disclosed from the vision before me. I feel that this woman is doing this with the best intentions, but her motives are being confused and miss judgement is being exposed with this action. I feel that what is being hidden will be brought to light and there will be a resolution and your household will unite once again says the lord, but for now it will stay hidden as the Spirit will bring and intercede in such a way that closure will be found before your Kin in the future says the Lord to you this day..




I Pray that this has given you a bit more insight on your question Brother. This is what I was shown and my Impressions and interpretations of the vision. I feel that there has been a miss communication and a hurt has been done and the action there of was one done out of HURT and not seeing clearly for the good of the entire family if this makes sense. We must always remember that blood is thicker than water, and I know that is not scripture, but I feel it is a good quote for what I sense has been done and 2 wrongs don't make a right, okay..


Luke 8:17 " For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest, neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad." this is the Word Of The Lord.... Blessings to you dear brother in Christ, and remember as Christ forgave us our sins, so should we forgive those in the like manner as a Christ follower I know that you are.. Blessings dear Brother..


HIS RESPONSE back concerning the word given was simple and to the point... "Praise the Lord. Sincerely!"



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