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Request prophetic word 4 tomorrow and be amazed for your future. Request prophetic word from a true proven ministry and gifting in Steven and begin to understand and see what your future will look like in Christ Jesus the Lord. Request prophetic word for every arena of your life. You can request prophetic word for your Health or request prophetic word for your ministry or request prophetic word for your relationships or request prophetic word for your career from Steven. He has a proven track record and testimonies for the past 9 years through his ministry website and you can request prophetic word here now Request Personal Prophecy | Personal Prophecy 4U (

Request prophetic word from Steven and begin to see your future clearer and clearer as Steven's pinpoint request prophetic word accuracy has brought great encouragement into many people's lives. Many people say they can Prophesy or request prophetic word into your life but all they will give you is a very generic request prophetic word that could be for anyone and sound just like a bible verse but when you request prophetic word from Steven, you will get specifics for your life in Christ Jesus. Request prophetic word is rare on the earth these days in regard to specifics and accuracy and this is what Steven's ministry is do unique because when you request prophetic word from him, you will get a real request prophetic word that will make a real difference in your life. i want to encourage you to read the below testimony of a real person who request prophetic word from Steven and be encouraged for the same specific results. You can request prophetic word now at Request Personal Prophecy | Personal Prophecy 4U (

Request prophetic word Health Prophecy Report June 30th, 2017:

As I lifted your request up before the Lord, I am given the Impression and feeling of a lower back issue that I sense could be happening now possible like a on and off thing and I have the Impression of a lower left side if this makes sense. I feel this could be disc related and I have the Impression of something that actually could have happened in your childhood that you may not be aware of this even in the present. I am impressed to say that I don't feel this is something to be alarmed about, but to have again a conscious awareness of this if it's not bothering you now, but I feel Impressed to say that the next time you have a doctor's visit is to get this area x-rayed to get verification of what I am hearing and seeing from the Spirit on this possible issue. I now have the Impression of my eyes (Both) seem to be hurting me as if I am straining them to see and I have the Impression of (Glasses) I don't know if you wear them or not, but I feel that you do, and I feel that this insight from the spirit is that you will need a new prescription possibly in the near future. I also have the Impression of you looking into getting laser surgery for your eyes in the past to correct this what I feel is a astigmatism in your eyes if this makes sense. Again, this is nothing to worry or get stressed about but to have a conscious awareness of this and this could be making itself know in the future for you as well, okay...

His Confirmation of what was revealed and Gracious words of The Gift within me to bring Hope into People's lives below:

Thank you very much Steven,

The prophesy is right on. I have been having some concerns on my lower left side for a while now I have taken some antibiotics prescribed to me by my doctor to remedy this. It comes and goes but does seem to stick around longer and longer. The doctor did mention that I should have this x-rayed should it continue to bother me.

You also said something about my eyes. I do wear glasses, but I know I need a stronger prescription which I will get on my upcoming visit.

Thank you again for your words, prophesy and professionalism. You nailed it. Feel free to use this testimonial as you wish, and I wish you continued success in all you do.

If you have enjoyed this post of request prophetic word, please share this as much as you can with people who are looking for the real request prophetic word and not a fake request prophetic word as the true word of the Lord is strong within Steven to bring hope and encouragement into your life in Christ our Lord, Amen!


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