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Request prophetic word for car

Request Prophetic word for car, is this right in the eyes of God?

Welcome, dear readers, to a remarkable tale of faith, guidance, and divine intervention. Join us as we recount the inspiring journey of a retired couple facing the challenge of finding a reliable vehicle within their budget. Through the gift of prophecy and unwavering faith, they embarked on a journey that led them to the perfect car—a journey guided by the hand of God.

The Call for Help

Meet John and Sarah, a retired couple living on a fixed budget, relying solely on their monthly social security check. As they faced the need for a new vehicle to carry out their daily errands and appointments, they found themselves at a crossroads. With limited resources and a desire for reliability, they turned to the power of prayer and divine guidance.

Seeking Divine Direction

In their search for a solution, John and Sarah discovered a ministry known for its gift of prophecy and spiritual insights—Prophetic Insights 4U. With hope in their hearts, they reached out to Steven, the prophet behind the ministry, seeking guidance on their journey to find a reliable car.

The Prophetic Revelation

Upon receiving their request, Steven delved into prayer and meditation, opening himself to divine insights. Through a vision granted by the heavens, he saw a clear image—a 2015 Kia Forte, with low mileage and a warranty that offered peace of mind. The car, adorned in a rich brown color with a light brown interior, became a beacon of hope for John and Sarah.

A Journey Unfolds

With the prophetic revelation in hand, John and Sarah embarked on a journey guided by faith and trust in divine providence. Following Steven's guidance, they set foot in a dealership just a town over, where they were greeted by Mark, the salesman whose name had been revealed in the prophecy.

Divine Confirmation

As they explored the dealership, John and Sarah's eyes fell upon the very car described in the prophetic word—a 2015 Kia Forte, with the exact specifications and features foretold by Steven. With hearts full of gratitude and awe, they knew they had found the vehicle meant for them—a vehicle chosen by God Himself.

A Testament to Faith

In a heartfelt letter to Steven, John and Sarah expressed their deepest gratitude for the divine guidance that had led them to their perfect car. They marveled at the accuracy of the prophecy and the undeniable presence of God throughout their journey.

Conclusion: The Power of Faith

As we conclude this extraordinary tale, we are reminded of the profound power of faith and the miraculous ways in which God works in our lives. Through the gift of prophecy and unwavering trust, John and Sarah found not only a reliable car but also a testament to the boundless love and guidance of a higher power.

In the words of John and Sarah, "We thank God for the gift of prophecy and the divine guidance that led us to our perfect car. May this story serve as a beacon of hope for all who seek guidance in their journey of faith."

And so, dear readers, we invite you to embrace the power of faith and trust in divine providence, knowing that with God, all things are possible.

Retired couple received Miracle request prophetic word car kia forte
Request Prophetic Word Car


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