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Seeking the Future: How to Request a Prophecy That Speaks to You

Who isn't concerned about the Future? Everybody I know has some concern or another as to what is going to happen in their lives. Many people seek request a prophecy for their lives to find out what the future holds for their lives and even those that they love when it comes to divine appointments for life in general. Request a prophecy can help you understand what the future holds in regards to every aspect of life's challenges and especially in the economy that we are in right now. If you desire to request a prophecy it would be my honor to bring your request before the Lord as bring aspects of how request a prophecy will speak to you specifically as you seek the future for your life and everyday life things as well. You can request a prophecy at my ministry website of

Request a Prophecy today for your future tomorrow and be encouraged in your walk and journey on this earth in Christ Jesus the Lord. You can request a prophecy for work or request a prophecy for your neighbor or request a prophecy for what gifts are within you from the Lord or request a prophecy if you have something specific for me to bring before the Lord on Your behalf but whatever the request a prophecy is, you can be sure that you will receive hopeful and encouraging words of wisdom straight from the throne of heaven into your heart that will bring a smile to your face dear friend.

Read this testimony below and then be encouraged as your faith is raised to believe for your own breakthrough for a request a prophecy today in Christ our Lord and Savor of the Human race, Amen!

Request a Prophecy testimony:

Even as SEPTEMBER will come and go, so shall there be a thought and mind set of a new arrival that will enter your demographic as their move from state to state will be a success says the Lord."

I feel that even as you will bring in the New Year, there will be a NEW Individual in your life that will be bringing a smile to your face and a spring into your step and the feeling of that first kiss will entice your thought process once again says the Lord. So look to the end of this year and into 2018 as a TRUE year of NEW BEGINNINGS will bring much fruit into your life and even lifestyle will be changed as a better way of taking care of yourself and even diet will change your views of the next chapter of your Destiny and JOY will be your Portion even as Peter cotton tail shall invade your household in 2018 says the Lord to you this day... Amen and Amen.. I went on to speak to her about the Prophecy and things to look out for concerning this one that the Lord I believe has for her to be meeting in the near future saying this


"I believe by what was spoken and shown by the spirit that there will be somebody in the form of dating I feel impressed to say that will enter you life shortly.. Keys I see from the word to follow up on for confirmation on your end. The spirit spoke that this individual will be coming from another state (moving) apparently to yours where ever you reside. 2018 is going to be the time frame I interpret of actually meeting this person and I feel that even towards the end of 2017 will be as well, but 2018 and the beginning and I want to say spring time as I mentioned by the spirit "PETER COTTON TAIL" lol, I know that is different, but this is how the spirit speaks to me at times, but lets say Easter time will be significant for you as well in your walk forward in the arena of Love and Relationship, okay"


HER RESPONSE back to me concerning a certain BUNNY RABBIT she just rescued before she got this Prophecy and is raising it as her own. AMAZING!! Read below her exact words to me about the Prophecy spoken over her life.



Thank you Steven! You have blessed me very much with your prophetic word! And so quick too - I thought this would come sometime next week. Thank you so much! I live in California, so there must be someone in the Lord has identified moving soon to the Los Angeles area :-)


"PETER COTTONTAIL" is different lol, but I am raising a rescued BUNNY so I can identify with metaphor haha


You're doing a good thing Steven and I hope the Lord blesses you in your life and ministry!


I'll email you when I meet this new person who will be recently relocated from out-of-state. I hope he likes animals!

Request a prophecy today from me because I want you to be the next great testimony through God's Gift of Prophecy within me dear friend.



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