"Helping and SERVING Prophecy Confirmation"

More TESTIMONIES of the Word of the Lord Revealing the Hearts of Men and Woman through this Ministry! I recently Prophesied to a Woman via my Ministry website and her IMMEDIATE thoughts were Revealed by the Spirit of the Lord. Please read and be encouraged in Christ Jesus. A part of her Prophecy is below and then her Response as well.

Word of the Lord Revealed:

" So shall the Ministry of HELPS and Serving be brought to the Forefront of your THOUGHT process. This will start out small, but your Gifting in this Arena that is dormant now, shall rise to the top and be evident by many says the Lord. For I have put a Heart to SERVE your Brothers and Sisters and HOSPITALITY shall entertain your Path before many in My Kingdom says the Lord this day to you my Daughter"

Her Response to this part of her Prophecy below:

Oh yes!!! This makes my spirit leap!!! HELPS & HOSPITALITY were the very words going through by mind in my prayer time day before yesterday. The entire word bears witness with me!!! God bless you!!!!!

Notice that the Prophetic Word I spoke to her today spoke of her THOUGHT PROCESS of this Ministry of Helps Gifting. The Lord confirmed this very Prophecy as HE revealed this to her in her Prayer time a few days ago even before I Spoke this to her today by the Prophetic Gifting within me. To JESUS be all the Glory my Friends. The Word of the Lord Confirmed, Amen. God is so cool, I am always amazed..



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