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"Promotion and MARRIAGE Prophecy Confirmation"

I Prophesied this weekend to a Man the Heart of God and CONFIRMATION was revealed to Him concerning his IMMEDIATE Future and Destiny on the Earth. Please read and be encouraged in Christ Jesus as HE knows our every thought and intent in this Life. To JESUS be ALL the Glory!

The Word of the Lord REVEALED!

I see PROMOTION over your name my friend. I feel that the Month of DECEMBER will bring you great RELIEF is my best insight for you, something that you have been praying for... a long time will finally be birthed in the natural. I strongly feel this will be a relationship of sorts and one that will sustain you for a long time. Blessings dear brother.

His Response: So true sir! My WEDDING comes up this December. God bless you and thank you Steven.

Request YOUR Personal Prophecy today, 4 YOUR future tomorrow in Christ Jesus my Friends.


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