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"August 2023 Vehicle Request Prophetic Word Fulfilled"

More Testimonies of the True Word of The Lord revealing the SECRETS of Men and Woman! Here is another Great Request Prophetic Word Testimony you are about to read as I Prophesied the TRUE Word of the Lord to a young man who requested the 12 Month Prophecy Forecast for 2023. The Prophecy for all 12 months was released back in December of 2022. What I have come to learn about Request Prophetic Word in general is that it is always conditional to some degree and even though the Holy Spirit can release Specifics about someone's life through God's Gift within me, we ALL have Free Will as a part of the Human experience while we are alive in the Dimension of "Time" that this Earth resides in. In Heaven there is no "Time" as we Perceive it here on the Earth. I say this to confirm that God can do all things and HE is outside of Time and as the Scriptures' tell us in Romans 8:28 the Great Apostle Paul who wrote 2/3rds of the New Testament said and I quote "And we know that all things work together for the good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to HIs purpose." What that scripture confirms by divine revelation to Paul and now You and I is that GOD can cause all things to come to pass for the Good, EVEN if we make the wrong decisions at times for our lives because WE have been given Free Will as this was Gods Plan even from the very beginning with Adam in Eve as they "Chose" to eat from the Fruit of the Knowledge of Good and Evil which God told them not to. With all that said read the Request Prophetic Word below and be amazed at how the August 2023 Prophecy for this young man came to pass as He was in a Horrible Car accident 1 month earlier in July and totaled His Vehicle car and walked away without a scratch which was a Miracle in itself as the Hand of The lord was watching over Him (Romans 8:28) as I quoted above as to the ways of God being outside of Time in our Human Perspective and How God brought about the August 2023 Request Prophetic Word being fulfilled for this young mans life. I said it before and I will say it again, to JESUS be all the Glory when any Request Prophetic Word comes to pass through God's Gift within me my dear Friends. I am always amazed at His Faithfulness for those who are called according to HIS purpose, Read below.

AUGUST 2023 Request Prophetic Word released December 2022:

AUGUST 2023 will come as the Thoughts once again of a New Vehicle will be entertained during this Month says the Lord. ( I have the Impression of and issue with your current vehicle and a decision will come to get it fixed or look into getting a Newer vehicle, be in Prayer)


Hello Sir,

I just like to update you on an event that I thought I could of prevented. Based on your prophecy from August, my car was having some issues, so I thought I could look ahead of that prophecy and prevent it, well I didn’t. Sadly, I came close to death, but by the grace of God I walked away without a scratch and even police and doctors said I could feel the pain the next day from the impact. As my car even flipped to its side. And it’s. been two days since the crash and I feel no pain, now that my car is totaled, your prophecy for august is going to come true. The state trooper even said that I was very lucky and and angel watching over me (Angel is my middle name) and I don’t know if this would count towards what happened to me but if I didn’t go to the doctors to get examined, I would have never known that I was born with a missing piece to my brain. with that in mind, I feel like that crash had to happen.

What and INCREDIBLE REQUEST PROPHETIC WORD come to pass for God's Will for this man's life. Remember this dear friend that GOD is always in control and even if we think we can understand personal prophecy in the natural and in it's simplest form in Human Knowledge, remember that GOD is outside of Time and fulfill HIS original intent to bring about HIS perfect Will for each of our lives. He is a Good God and Loves His Children and watches out that His Word will come to pass as He Intended it to even from the very beginning of Time.

Get Your Specific Request prophetic word from me Today as the True Word of the Lord is strong within me dear Friends and brothers and sisters in Christ. I want YOU to be the next Great Testimony. I have 8 different Request prophetic word options to choose from for every arena of Your life. Scroll to the top of the page and get Your Specific request prophetic word from me today for a part of Your Future to be revealed Tomorrow. To JESUS be all the Glory and Honor!

Servant of The Lord,


Man and his family in their dream house by Angel
Request Prophetic Word Fulfilled


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