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Get Your Personal Prophetic Word

Many times its hard to understand life's ups and downs and how to handle them and some people turn to the world's answers of drinking and drugs and just all kinds of secular activities that will bring them even deeper and deeper from where they need to be in their lives. I am a minister and I Prophecy the True word of the Lord through the arena of Get Your Personal Prophetic Word. Get Your Personal Prophetic word is just a tool that God has granted to me to be able to help the lost and hurting that are still searching for the Truth and the Light for a better Tomorrow for their life and the one that they care for.

I perform a Get Your Personal Prophetic word for their life and I let the Holy Spirit of the one True God use His Gift of Get Your Personal Prophetic word within me to help Minister to these people that are hurting and down trodden in life's path as they have turned to the only means in which they know and understand to take away the pain and hurt that is within them for the struggles they go through daily. Some have lost their jobs or they have become Homeless and living on the streets and doorways of abandoned buildings and shacks and sleeping in them just to keep warm at nighttime. These are the Ones that I Get Your Personal Prophetic word ministry to as they will benefit from Gods Gift within me to bring Healing and meaning back into their life and bring the most important thing is the saving grace and knowledge of Christ Jesus into their life and then the HOPE of a better tomorrow will come as the dawn is about to come and the Son of God will change them from the inside out with a Get Your Personal Prophetic word that will change the course of there life forever and ever says the Lord.

If you are one of these individuals that is reading this Blog Post right now, I want you to get in touch with me through my ministry website of and make your request and petition before Heaven to receive my Get Your Personal Prophetic word today and receive the counsel of God for Your life that will bring a smile to your face and give you the HOPE that you have been looking for instead of the drinking and drugs and crime and bad thoughts that are plaquing you for so long.

I challenge you dear friend who is reading this blog post to reach out to me, my name is Steven and I have a very Unique and wonderful Gift of God within me me called the Gift of prophecy and I will be able to Get your Personal Prophetic word into your life so that you will begin to be set free from the bondages of sin of this fallen world that is consumed by the evil one who will pollute the mind and then the body will follow with perverse acts of sin that takes you further and further away form the Truth of God which is Christ Jesus the Lord of all. Jesus said in John 14:6 " I am the WAY and the TRUTH and the LIGHT, no one comes to the father except though me and my teachings and by the power of the Holy Spirit will move in and through you to a better way of living this life while you are on this earth in my name.

So, in closing this Blog post dear friends who are reading it now, I invite you to receive and Get Your Personal prophetic word today that will change your life for the better and you will be set free from the bondage of sin and your heart will be full of life and light because all the heaviness and burden of the struggles of this world will still continue but I will be with you to help you in every step and in every Breathe you can be re assured that I will be with you even unto the ends of the earth and the age in which is to come to end all ages as I will return in my Glory to purify y church once again as the Father is the Greatest of all and I his son and the Holy Spirit are ONE. So come and Get your personal prophetic word today for a better tomorrow and this I Guarantee 100% as I am not a man that I would ever lie to me own creation says the Lord this very day.

Get Your Personal Prophetic Word Today, what have you got to loose? Nothing, but everything to gain our life back and live a life worth living from Sin and the Hope of God will guide your footsteps to a better tomorrow at

More Grace to You


Get your personal prophetic word
Get your personal prophetic word


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