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Heaven is Real Request personal Prophecy

Blessings and Goodwill to all you my Blog Post Followers this day.

You are going to be so blessed by this Miraculous account of Heaven and what Heaven really looks like as I had a recent skeptical client of mine request personal prophecy to take a trip to Heaven because they believed that their wasn't a Heaven and as a matter of fact they or she was a self proclaimed Atheist and didn't even believe in God let alone request personal prophecy to see Heaven and experience heaven while she was alive in her human body. She believed that when someone dies that there is nothing left to life except darkness and that was her own personal Religion and views of God or a supreme Being or Creator of the universe.

This lady was told by a friend of a friend of the supernatural seemingly things that God who she didn't believe in anyways did things through me and my Gift from God to bring the Light of Heaven into peoples lives and even show them Trips to Heaven can happen even when your alive in your Human body.

She was given my ministry website address online platform called Request Personal Prophecy on May 15th 2023 and made her request personal prophecy option that says you can see Heaven on Earth even while you are alive on the earth. This is a very controversial subject "Heaven" but God's gift within me for the request personal prophecy option does give the additional option to take a trip to Heaven in the Spirit Realm while you are in a state of subconsciousness while you sleep. So her request personal prophecy revolved around all this and if there was even a real God or not because she wanted to see if he was real or just made up stories in the bible and heaven was just another made up story as far as she believed anyways.

So, I brought her request personal prophecy before the Lord for her request to visit heaven and I was shown visions of this lady and where she lived and her address of 412 State Street in Boulder Colorado as the Holy Spirit was showing me this vision the Lord said to tell her that on the 24th of this same month of May and year of the same 2023 that He (GOD) will take her in her dreams to visit the spiritual dimension of Heaven and give her a tour she will never forget for the rest of her natural life and the Lord said that she will become a believer and even one day become a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Her testimony of visiting heaven will be her greatest asset into helping others believe in Him (GOD) and that Heaven is for Real.

So now the day is May 20th as when I sent her request personal prophecy as there is typically a 5-7 day after you make a request personal prophecy through my online platform before you will receive your request personal prophecy. I sent her now what the Lord had told me about her request personal prophecy about Heaven and that she was going to visit heaven and to confirm to her that I was revealing secrets of her from the Lord as I told her where she lives and her address and even described what her House looks like? Well you can imagine her surprise at all of that but still she was skeptical of God's gift within me and said that I can get that information online if I really wanted to do a background check on her, but then I replied back to her and said that her bathroom was painted all yellow and her back yard had a dead tree that needed to get removed as I was being now shown vision in real time in real conversation chat with her via email and then I said that on May 24th that God was going to take her to heaven in her dreams and that she would become a believer in God and through Jesus Christ become a evangelist of the Gospel of Christ and Preach her Testimony of visiting Heaven and what Heaven looks like for everyone who goes to Heaven one day if they are a believer in Christ Jesus who died for the sins of the world for all mankind and all religions regardless he died and rose from the grave for all to believe in simple Faith and that's when we stopped our chat via email and I just let God be God and bring to pass what he spoke through me and showed me for her life and her upcoming visit to Heaven.

Now, NOT to my surprise I get a email from her on the morning of May 25th. She said and testified that she was taken to heaven or a place she said didn't exist because she couldn't tell if she was in her body or not as she was dreaming she said and entered into a great big city of nothing but BRIGHT LIGHT is how she described it and she said she saw people of all nationalities and colors and she said that she saw animals that she recognized and didn't recognize but she said it was beautiful and then she said she met Jesus Christ and in and instant became a believer in God and was commissioned to preach the Gospel of Christ to the Nations by Jesus as HE touched her face and said these words to her "Go and Preach and tell People on the Earth that I'm alive and that Heaven is for Real!

What a great Testimony for a real request personal prophecy for this lady to visit heaven and meet people and even Jesus himself as she is no longer and atheist but a believer in God and Jesus His son and one day as I prophesied in her request personal prophecy that she would become a preacher in the future from having this supernatural experience that Heaven is real dear friends and is waiting for all that believe to receive their reward one day.

I want you my Blog readers to request personal prophecy form me today for a part of your future to be revealed in Christ Jesus. He's giving you and Invitation to experience for yourself a real request personal prophecy and your Faith increased to believe on the Words of His Prophets that still walk the earth today, Amen!

More Grace and Peace to all

Prophet Steven your Blog Post Writer

Heaven is for Real!

Woman takes trip to Heaven from a request personal prophecy from Prophet Steven
request personal prophecy


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