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Request Personal Prophecy 4 Health life

Are you wondering what more there maybe for your Health life? Are you in a rut and want more from what your life is offering now in living a Healthy life? If so, than I want to introduce you to request personal prophecy for your life today. Request personal prophecy can be the answer to your most hearts desire actually in any arena of your life, but especially if your contemplating a Career decision or Relationship decision or a Health issue as request personal prophecy can be the beacon of light at the end of the tunnel that will bring hope back to your lifes situation in request personal prophecy today. My Step dad recently had a crisis arise in his life and actually it was a Health crisis that doctors were not able to diagnose him for proper medicine and I told him about a man and his ministry of request personal prophecy and he was so desperate for and answer to his health crisis that he did a request personal prophecy from Prophet Steven Svec at his ministry website called Prophetic Insights 4U. Prophet Steven has a request personal prophecy option called "Health Prophecy" and its a request personal prophecy option that Steven is able to scan a person's physical and spiritual body and rely this information to the person who is requesting that specific request personal prophecy for anykind of health issues and Steven will rely to the indvidual what he hears and sees by the Spirit of the Lord. You can request personal prophecy form Prophet Steven at his ministry website at

Request personal prohpecy is truly a blessing to many people who have tried conventional ways of finding out answers for their life's situation including Health isssues as the Lord has used request personal prophecy through Prophet Steven with many Testimonials following his Predictions and what he calls Holy Ghost Prescriptions when it comes to a Health crisis for someone who has been to doctors and specialist for a health diagnosis and mystery symptoms that doctors can't give and answer for but the Lord use's this mans special gift of request personal prophecy that has brought many people to his online ministry platform. You can also request personal prohecy at his home page online website of

Let me say in closing this Blog Post and leave you with a testimony of a person who received request personal prophecy form Steven with a Health issue and the Lord confirmed the request personal prophecy word of the Lord and the person got better and their ailment was healed through a diet plan that the Holy Ghost gave to Steven for that particular persons Health symptoms. Read the testimony below and then request personal prophecy from Steven today for your Health isssues needing answers for to give you Hope in your life in Christ Jesus the Lord of all. Read testimony below now, Blessings now.

Request Personal Prophecy Testimony:

Her Question: What can I do to participate in my Healing Gut Problems?

The Word of The Lord request personal prohecy form Steven


 I brought your request before the Lord dear sister, and I am Inspired to speak and say that you are doing nothing wrong and that anything to do with generational issues as far as spiritual that are the problems of what you are presently facing and experiencing says the Lord. Now this is going to be a bit different, but I am going to speak this to you and prayerfully it will resonate and witness in your spirit as to what has been revealed through Impressions of your physical condition. I have the Impression of the Environment that you now are living in and yes, it is something that is generational BUT not spiritual if this makes sense. I have a strong Impression of your Immune system that is just not working the way it should and I have a strong Impression for you to start doing an entire body cleanse of foods of what to eat and not to eat. I even am seeing any kind of Dairy to stay completely away from and to focus on fruits and vegetables and now as I am typing this, I have the Impression of the Daniel fast? I don't know if you have ever done anything like that before, but I feel that a CLEANSE is what your body is needing to get rid of what I am calling generational physical symptoms that can be passed down through your genes from generation to generation and I feel you are at a point of your Time here on the Earth is affecting you and as I am typing this I have a heavy breathe or it feels hard for me to breathe in normally and I feel like my heart is beating too strong to keep up with my breathe? I don't know if you have issues like this, this is how the Spirit reveals things to me as like a word of knowledge of people's conditions at times, but I feel that a cleanse will help you tremendously and to give that a go as this is what I heard the Spirit speak. Fruits and Vegetables and try doing smoothies as well and I feel to drink nothing but water and lots of it. I believe most of this is actually on the Daniel fast as you can look it up or google it. Check with your doctor first and let him or her know if you decide to give this a go and see if this will be the beginnings of you becoming and walking in perfect Health while you are on the Earth. Please pray about this as I am very serious of what I just received while bringing your request before the Lord, okay. Also, one last thing I have the Impression of Celery? I don't know if you eat this on a regular basis, but I feel that this vegetable would be very beneficial to begin to start eating or you can even juice it as well if you have a juicer, but I also feel that this will give you and your Immune system a great boost as well...


Her Response to her Prophecy and Confirmation below:


Thank you so much for your amazing confirmation. I recently saw a nutritionist who suggest a food elimination diet which I have started and Dairy Products to discontinue as much as possible. All of the symptoms you describe are true. It's nice to know that I am on the right path.

Thank you for this amazing Prophecy confirmation.

What a great Testimony and thank you for reading my Blog Post and I pray that it was encouraging in the Lord.



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