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Request Personal Prophecy for New Home

Blessings all my Blog Readers this day and what a day Today's Blog Post will surely inspire you to new Heights of Hope to believe for Your Request Personal Prophecy from me.

I received a Request Personal Prophecy for New Home from a lady who was desperate to leave her present surroundings as she lived in an area of a high crime rate in a major city in America, and this is where our story begins as she contacted me via my ministry website of Personal Prophecy 4U.

She had a question for me to bring before the Lord for her Request Personal Prophecy for New Home, and that question was this: "When will I be able to find the perfect New Home for me and my daughter to live in?" I love it when the questions for Request Personal Prophecy are short and to the point because the less information I have, the more connection to God's perfect will from God's gift of Prophecy within me to relay specifics for her question and her Request Personal Prophecy for New Home.

I went into deep prayer and meditation as I was once again shown visions of this lady and even her young daughters. The Holy Spirit began by showing me her current residence, revealing all kinds of negative influences and activities in the building she lived in. I was then shown in a vision a HOUSE, not an apartment, that the Lord would open a door for her to purchase. I described everything to her in detail, including the neighborhood and street name where she could find this house.

I sent her Request Personal Prophecy via email, detailing everything I was shown in my visions. I told her secrets that she never revealed to me, confirming the accuracy of the prophecy. Despite her initial skepticism due to her credit situation, she followed through in faith and was approved to purchase the New Home as prophesied. Only God could orchestrate such a miraculous turn of events.

Now, fast forward 50 days into the Future, and I received an email with a picture of the House I was shown in the vision by the Holy Spirit for this woman's Request Personal Prophecy for New Home. She was approved for a loan as a first-time homeowner and is now living in her new home with her daughter. What a GREAT testimony of God's great Love for all people!

I personally believe that God watches out for single moms and widows, and He can do amazing things in their lives. I want you to be the next great testimony for a Request Personal Prophecy for New Home from me, dear friends. Just scroll to the top of this Blog Post and make your own request, and remember, to Jesus be all the Glory and Honor always.

More Grace and Peace to All

Prophet Steven, Servant of the Lord

Woman receives Miracle New Home from a request personal prophecy from prophet Steven svec
Request Personal Prophecy


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