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Request personal prophetic word Guidance

Blessings to you all my Blog Post readers once again in the name of Christ Jesus the Lord of all Creation!

Today's Blog Post Testimony will be one of great Insights and the Gift of Prophecy within me to be able to help all that request personal prophetic word and my council from my Ministry website of Request Personal Prophetic word I had a man recently contact me and he like many others do did a request personal prophetic word option on my ministry website and asked the question of what piece of land should he purchase? That was his entire request personal prophetic word to me to bring before the Lord.

I actually like it short and sweet like that in regards to a person making a request personal prophetic word and their question very short with very little information because that is when the Gift of God within me becomes very sensitive and specifics and accurate details are revealed for my client. This was know different as I was shown visions and different Pieces of Land of Hills and Mountains and valleys, but I was also shown something out of the ordinary concerning his request? I was shown a small building like a little mom and pop grocery store and I saw the name above this little building that said "Mother" and it was even a great mystery to me as well but this is what I saw for his request personal prophetic word and I emailed him all that I was allowed to see on his behalf for his question of "What piece of land should he purchase?"

I sent him the Information of what I was shown in regards of the territory and land I was shown of these gorgeous Hills and mountains and valleys and even water front and creeks but I also said that I was shown a little tiny store in the visions before my spiritual eyes and I described it to him more in detail and the word of "Mother" was over this tiny little run down seemingly storefront like it had been there for 40 years I told him and when I relayed that information of 40 years and the word Mother, HE knew what I was talking about and he had his answer for his request personal prophetic word from me that HE requested my Godly council for.

He told me that the run down old store was actually his parents old store and property but was sold years ago to someone else and it was up for sale again? This man was a contractor which I didn't know about or even shown in the visions or by the Holy Spirit. This man had a decision to make either build a nice beautiful store he had dreamed about in following in his parents footsteps and wanted it to be a Hunting and Fishing store but he also knew of that his parents old store was up for sale and he didn't know if he bought it and fixed it up and made it into a Hunting and Fishing store as well and when I told him that the word "Mother" was over this run down little store seemingly to me in the vision but HE knew it was a sign from Heaven to by his parents old store and fix it up and carry on the family tradition in the same neighborhood in which he grew up in over 40 years ago! What a great testimony of a true request personal prophetic word come to pass for this mans question for me to bring before the Lord, Wow! I am always amazed and to JESUS be all the Glory and Honor.

If you have been inspired by this Blog Post Testimony and would like to get your own request personal prophetic word just navigate to my ministry website of request personal prophetic word here. God Bless you all my Blog Post Followers and I pray that today is your day for a request personal prophetic word breakthrough in Christ Jesus the Lord.

More Grace and Peace to You all

Prophet Steven your Blog Post writer

Servant of the most High

man receive divine guidance through a request personal prophetic word from prophet Steven
Request personal prophetic word


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