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Request Prophetic Word Can Help Guide Your Faith

Everyone has questions in thier life from Time to Time about their Faith and if God is even real when the prayers that they pray seemingly never get answered the way we all think they should. This is why Request prophetic word can be so Strenthening and Encouraging that our Faith will be renewed like the scriptures speak about in the bible book of Isaiah 40:31 which says "But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint" as this passage of scripture will strengthen your Faith as a request prophetic word is released into your life's path that will renew your Faith like that of the eagle that the Prophet Isaiah was speaking about. I want to encourage you all today who are reading this Blog Post to request prophetic word from me that your Faith will be revewed and will give you God's counsel to build upon your Faith in Him and His Holy word and Prophets that are on the Earth today like myself. My Ministry website is Prophetic Insights 4U and Personal Prophecy 4U and you can request prophetic word any time and I will pray on your behalf and bring your name before our Lord and release the True request prophetic word into your life for your destiny in the Creator of the Universe. My online website to do this is

Request prophetic word can bring your Faith back to life as the trials and tribulations of this world we all will face day in and day out and just because our Faith is weak at times, it doesn't mean that it is without real Power. The bible says that in James 2:17 that "Faith without works is dead" and this is so true but when you feed your Faith everyday by reading the bible and quoting the bible it will feed your Faith and grow your faith in God. Just the same way that when you request prophetic word it will also grow your faith and guide your path into a greater realm of reality in who you are in Your chosen Faith of Christ Jesus as a Christian. When you visit my online request prophetic word page you will see that I offer 8 different request prophetic word options for every arena of your life in Christ. Request prohpetic word brought myself into my destiny many years ago into the ministry of a Prophet and God's Gifitng within me as a request prohetic word Prophet to the Nations.

The best way to Increase your Faith and the help guide your life is to get under a Truly anointed man or woman of God that carry's the true word of the Lord for your life individually. I have been offering this service through my ministry now since 2015 and I have released thousands of request prophetic word into peoples lives all over the world and from every nation on the Planet. Visit my Homepage and read testimonies and other interesting pieces of what my ministry offers through Gods gift of request prophetic word at

I also would like to offer for FREE my very popular ebook called request prophetic word 4 all made simple. Just email me your request for this FREE offer and I will send it to you within a 24 hour timeframe. Here is a little exert of that book on how to hear God's voice in many different ways for a request prophetic word for yourself to begin to learn to give request prophetic word to others that may need for their Faith to be Guided with the word of the Lord preparing their path for a request prophetic word today. Read below and then get Your own prophetic word form me today as your faith will be increased and direction will be revealed 4U dear Friend.


You will be so surprised at how easy this actually becomes once you get to the point I am talking about, being still before the Spirit and focusing your spirit on serving that individual you are praying for. It may be just one word you hear for them. That word probably won’t make any sense to you, but it will make perfect sense to the person you may be praying for. Take a step of faith and just say that one word you keep on hearing in your spirit for them. Let me share a testimony of this exact scenario I am speaking of. I was praying for people on my Facebook page one day, and I was offering personal prophecy to anyone that wanted a word. Many people were requesting a word, and I was lead by the Spirit to this one lady to pray for her and HEAR what the Spirit wanted to say to her, and relay this information. I prayed for her and the only word I was getting for her from that still small voice was “STAY.” That’s all I was getting for her, and I know that the Spirit was directing me to pray for her. I was expecting a normal size personal prophecy to help and encourage her in her life. I finally took a step of faith and I told her the only thing I am hearing in my spirit for you is the word “STAY” I was expecting her to say that she doesn’t have any idea what that could be. To my amazement she was so blessed from this simple one-word personal prophecy. You see, she was just praying to the Lord asking what she should do in situations that have come up in her personal life. The opportunity for her to physically move to a different location and sell her house which would impact her job and ministry she had as well. She was praying to the Lord on what to do about the opportunity that was in front of her. Should she STAY or go? I took a step of faith in what I was hearing – that one word for her was spot on. That one word blessed her and gave her the confirmation she was looking for from the Lord. Never underestimate what you think you are hearing for people; it might sound like nothing to you, but it can make all the sense in the world to that person. PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE! Be still and clear your mind; it may help to play some soothing worship or soaking music. I promise if you will put into practice these simple steps, you will begin to start hearing from the Spirit for others and on your way to releasing this gift that is within all spirit-filled believers in Christ Jesus. Let’s move on now to another way the Spirit will relay information to give a personal prophetic word for someone you are praying for. This is called SEEING from the Spirit.

Thanks so much for reading this Blog Post and request your prophetic word from me today in the Lord.

In His Grace and Love



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