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Request Prophetic word for School

Blessings to all my Blog Post Followers this day in Christ Jesus the Lord!

Today's Testimony is gonna bless you and encourage you and raise your Faith to believe that the Gift of God within me is real from all the documented and verified testimony's of the past 10 years now through this online Platform for a request prophetic word for your life and Today's documented Testimony is no different. I had a lady contact me via my ministry website of Request Prophetic Word and she had a question about her daughter getting into a very prestige's college and wanted to know the request prophetic word for this situation to come to pass or if she was just wasting her time and just to have her daughter apply to local community colleges that way she would still be close to home and visit every weekend if she wanted to.

She like everyone else who asks for my counsel of God within me found my ministry website online and made her request prophetic word and her question was that if it was God's will for her to get into a very famous college which she didn't mention in her question or if she (Her daughter) was better off in a local community college and be closer to home then as well.

I did my usual of praying and meditating before the Lord and went into a Trance as the Lord by the holy Spirit began to show me visions of her daughter and specifics of where she would be going to school as the Lord told me to tell this lady that "Shannon" was going to be excepted at a college called Harvard but she would in the end choose to stay closer to home and go to the local community college of Ashford. I received all this information through visions I was allowed to see on her behalf for her daughter and then relayed everything of her request prophetic word via email the very next day.

She responded back to me actually right away for her request prophetic word within 5 minutes of me sending her request prophetic word to her and she was shocked like most people are when they receive their request prophetic word prophecy from me as God's Gift of such Specifics is so Precise and confirming that most people don't believe it until it actually happens in real life which hers did by the way, but her initial response back to me about calling out her daughter's name of "Shannon" which she never told me in her request prophetic word or the colleges of Harvard or Ashford as well and she was shocked and waited to see what was going to happen. She didn't tell her daughter that she request prophetic word from my ministry website of

Request Prophetic Word and waited 3 months to see what would happen as her daughter "Shannon" right after graduating High School in May of 2019 started applying to colleges all over the United States and was waiting to here back on these colleges if she would be excepted or not. One day she received a letter from Harvard college which was the one she had her heart set on going to as she was a very bright student with a 4.0 grade average and would get a full scholarship because of this. She ended up though turning down the full scholarship to Harvard college to go to her home town community college of Ashford NC. and this is when her mom's request prophetic word came full-circle and came to pass as I Prophesied it would from the visions I was shown by the Lord and words I heard from the Holly Spirit in her initial request prophetic word comes to pass as Predicted by the Gift of God within me dear friends and Blog Readers. What a Great Testimony and documented and verified by the words of the moms next email to me 3 months later to the very day I sent her request prophetic word and all the Glory and Honor to JESUS always.

I want you to be the next great testimony of the Gift of God within me for a request prophetic word. Just scroll to the top of this Blog Post and navigate to the request prophetic word page and make your own request prophetic word for any arena of your life as I have now 9 different options to choose for your request prophetic word. Amen and Amen!

More Grace and Peace to all

Prophet Steven Blog Writer Servant of The Most High

Mother receives good news from a request prophetic word from prophet Steven Svec
Request Prophetic Word


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