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Seeing Angels Request Prophetic Word

Today, I'm thrilled to share yet another incredible testimony of the Gift of God within me, bringing hope and encouragement into the lives of everyday people like yourself through the power of a Request Prophetic Word.

The Unusual Request Prophetic Word

I recently had a man reach out to me through my ministry website, seeking a prophetic word unlike any other. Despite being a devout Christian, attending church regularly, and serving as an elder for many years, he felt a longing to experience the supernatural, particularly to see angels – a desire that burned within him as he heard testimonies of others encountering heavenly beings.

His specific request was profound: "I want to see an Angel while I am still on Earth, not waiting until I pass into Heaven." Honoring his plea, I brought his request before the Lord, believing in the power of divine revelation to touch lives in extraordinary ways.

Divine Revelation Unveiled

In response to his plea, the Lord granted me visions, revealing that this man had already encountered angels unknowingly, as Hebrews 1:1-3 suggests, "Be friendly to strangers, for many are angels in disguise." Moreover, I received a divine insight into the future, where the man's earnest desire to see angels with his physical eyes would soon be fulfilled in a remarkable manner.

The Promise Fulfilled

True to the prophetic word, within seven days, the man reached out to share his awe-inspiring testimony. As he ascended the steps of his church, he encountered an individual he had once assisted – a hitchhiker named Gideon. To his astonishment, this man revealed himself as the man's Guardian Angel on Earth.

In a moment of divine revelation, Gideon transformed before his eyes, revealing his celestial form with wings of fire and the radiant glory of God. Overwhelmed by this encounter, the man fell to his knees, offering gratitude for the fulfillment of his heartfelt request.

A Testimony of God's Faithfulness

This extraordinary testimony serves as a testament to the faithfulness of God's promises. Through divine intervention, the man's desire to see angels was fulfilled beyond expectation, reinforcing the truth of Hebrews 1:1-3 and the miraculous power of God to manifest His presence in our lives.

Embrace Your Own Divine Encounter

As you witness the power of prophecy and divine revelation in action, I encourage you to seek your own divine encounter. Visit my ministry website, Request Prophetic Word, and choose from a variety of options tailored to every aspect of your life. Let the Gift of Prophecy within me be a conduit for God's blessings and miracles in your life.


May this testimony inspire you to believe in the miraculous and embrace the power of prophecy in your own journey of faith. More grace and peace to all who seek the extraordinary in the ordinary, for through God's divine intervention, every request prophetic word is a testament to His glory and honor.

Prophet Steven, Blog Post Writer, and Servant of God

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