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The Power of Requesting Personal Prophecy for Spiritual Guidance

Request Persoanl Prophecy for Direction and Spirtual Growth in Your Life in Christ Jesus. Many think that by doing something like this through another individual is now biblical or scritpural but they couldn't be more wrong because both New and Old Testaments verify this as a Spiritual and Scriptural way of linging your life in Christ Jesus to the fullets now that the New Testament has been fulfilled through the Lord and his work of COMPLETE redemption from the Cross for all that will believe for a request personal prophecy for their life. Request personal prohecy will bring confirmation and it will help with even everday events that might bring questions of what to expect that day as request personal prophecy when done correctly will bring you into your greatest life for yourself and even the ones that you love because request personal prophecy is no respector of any one person or race or religion because God is outside of Time as we know it and request personal prophecy will bring revelation from the Heavens into your situation whatever it make be for Spiritual Guidance in the Lord. You can request personal prophecy at

If your praying and praying and praying and not seeing the results of your efforts for areas of your life to be more fruitful, request personal prophecy can bring it all together and make life more enjoyable to live day in and day out in your quest to be frutifuil with the spiritual guiandance you can receive from a proper request personal prophecy in the Lord. Also, you can learn to hear God's voice for yourself in request personal prophecy for a lifestyle and be more confident when you hear the Holly Spirit speak from that still small voice within you to understand what request personal prophecy will reveal for days and months and even years into the future as God knows the plans he has for each of our lives and he wants us to understand it in the present so we can fulfill out Future in Christ Jeuss the Lord through the arena of request personal prophecy today.

Read this little excerpt of Prophet Steven's book below and you can get and idea of all the different ways to request personal prophecy for your life and your future for spiritual guidance and deliverance and walk in your True Destiny today in the Lord, Amen!

“SEEING FROM THE SPIRIT” SEEING Request Personal Prophecy in the Spirit is another way of relaying a personal prophecy to someone that you are praying for. Being able to SEE in the Spirit works best for me personally. How this works can be a bit complex at times, especially for the beginner in striving for this way and expression of the same Holy Spirit, just in a different way. Let me explain. When I pray for someone for a personal prophecy, I ask the Holy Spirit to give me a vision in my mind’s eye concerning that particular individual, whoever they are. How this works is by pictures and thoughts that will enter my mind and thought process as I am asking and praying for that person. When I mentioned earlier that this kind of SEEING can be a bit perplexed, is because the interpretation of what you are being shown is the hard part in relaying into words for the personal prophecy to that person you are praying for. Most of my personal prophetic words for people will start out with a vision in my mind. Then I ask the Spirit to speak to me about what He is showing me. Here is a perfect example of how SEEING in the Spirit works. I was praying for a lady one time and I was given a SEEING vision in my mind concerning who she was and what kind of work and even the type of ministry she was doing for the Lord. The personal prophecy for her went like this. I said, “I see you in a vision in my mind in a circle with other people.” I went on to tell her that the Holy Spirit was showing me about 25-30 people or so. “I see you as the leader or more of an administrator of sorts. I see you have a pad of paper and a pen in your hand; it looks like you are doing a roll call of everyone in the room. I see you sharing the gospel with these people. I am being shown in this vision that most of them are women. I feel that most of these women are hurting and in need of a fresh start in life, and that you are their navigator or leader. I relayed all this information to her about what I was being shown by the Holy Spirit in my SEEING vision in my mind’s eye for her. She relayed this feedback to me and said, “Thank you Steven, you SEE well. This has already started and then it will be bigger later on in the future. This is exactly what I do with ministry and helping battered women begin a fresh start in life.” What a great testimony and example of SEEING in the Spirit as a valid way that the Holy Spirit will speak to you for people as well. Again, I can’t stress enough to PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE! Let’s do a quick exercise now or you can do it after you read the rest of this chapter, if you like. First, pick a friend or person you would like to try and SEE into their life and give them a personal prophecy. Second, close your eyes, calm your mind and just verbally or internally say to the Holy Spirit, “Can you please show me in my mind’s eye about them or give me a picture or thought in my mind to relay to them, and then speak to me about what that picture in my mind is supposed to say and be relevant in their life?” Then be QUIET! Sometimes it might take five minutes before a picture will form in your mind about them, sometimes it might happen instantly and on occasion you may not get anything at all although that is very rare. I am a firm believer that GOD has a word for everyone no matter how small or big it may be. The nature of GOD is to Love and encourage them in any way and at anytime. This is why personal prophecy is so needed in today’s church – to bring the Gift of Prophecy back into the limelight just as praying for the sick for healing. That is how to SEE for a request personal prophecy. The more you practice the easier it will become for you.


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