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Unlock the Power of Prophecy - Request Personal Prophecy Today

Are You ready for 2024? Do you have questions in what direction you life and even those who you care about? If you answered both those question with a Yes, than you are in the right place and reading the perfect blog as it's my desire to bring such enlightenment into peoples lives like yourself as I have within me the Gift of Prophecy and the ability to Unlock the Power of Prophecy into Your life and even those that You love dear friend.

Request personal Prophecy is a Gift but more than that it's a Tool to bring divine insights and revelation into your life and bring confirmation and Predictions as well that will guide your path in 2024 and beyond. It would be my Honor to bring such foresight into your life's path as you can request personal prophecy at my ministry website at

Request personal prophecy is just a means of setting you up for success in any arena of your life through God's gift within me. It's not me that brings this revelation or foresight but it's the Holy Spirit of God through me to you that will unlock the power of Prophecy in your life. Many say that they can request personal prophecy but they will mislead you because they don't carry the true word of the Lord for a request personal prophecy into your life or the lives of those you care about. I can verify this as well because unfortunately everyone thinks they are a Prophet of God nowadays. You can tell who these fake ministries are is when they advertise a request personal prophecy for free on the internet or any social media platform, that's right they will say it's free but it really isn't. They will give you a generic request personal prophecy and it will be nothing more than a bible scripture verse and they will say that God is saying through this bible scripture verse and it is supposed to relate to you in some way and you will know that it won't. A real request personal prophecy will bring Insights specific into your life and even current situation and bring Predictions as well that will bring the counsel of God into your life and in every arena of your life in Christ Jesus. Be very careful who you let speak into your life for a request personal prophecy dear friends because they could actually be speaking a curse over your life and not the true word of the Lord as well. Request personal prophecy is and art and a craft just like anything else in life and when its honed to perfection and is a real Gift from God within a Individual it can truly Unlock the Power of Prophecy in someone's life as a correct and true request personal prophecy is released into your life correctly and truly anointed word form Heaven that will guide your path with divine insights and guidance as the counsel of God is revealed through a true Prophet of the Lord.

My Name is Steven Svec and I carry the true word of the Lord within me for a request personal prophecy for your life in Christ. I have been using God's gift within me since I was a child and have been doing request personal prophecy through the online platform since 2015 and I want to invite you to request personal prophecy from me today as Your destiny and Secrets will be revealed for your life in Christ Jesus the Lord. You can request personal prophecy from me at my ministry website page request personal prophecy at

Here is below a small testimony of a Client of mine for many years as I Prophesied His wedding and even the woman that He would marry in a previous request personal prophecy. Read it below and I pray that your faith will be encouraged the request personal prophecy from me today for a piece of your future tomorrow in Christ Jesus the Lord.



NOVEMBER will come as a Red Rose will signify the start of a Season of your greatest achievement yet, even as the next 5 months will determine the outcome says the Lord.


HIS RESPONSE in his own words read below and than our correspondence back and fourth to confirm this Testimony:


Hi Steven, Thank you for the six month prophecy, your word for November I know is full of God’s insight, ‘a Red Rose will signify the start of a season of your greatest achievement yet’ as I am planning to MARRY in November. So praise the Lord, thank you for this and other ‘signs and wonders’ of the Lord to look forward to. Blessings! T*****Y

MY RESPONSE back to him to Confirm His Testimony read below and than his final confirmation of this Testimony:


Hey T*****Y, that's awesome my brother, Congrats! Is this something that is a for sure or a confirmation as to your intentions?


HIS FINAL CONFIRMATION response read below and be Amazed:


Hi Steven,


Yes our plans and planes are booked for a private destination wedding in St Lucia, November 5. And this lady is in fact a Philippine lady of whom you also confirmed in previous prophetic words.


God is good! Thank you you for your faithfulness.




What a great Testimony! Request personal prophecy form me today because God can and wants to do the same for you and I want you to be my next great request personal prophecy as the Mystery of your request personal prophecy is unlocked and your future be revealed this very day in Christ the Lord.



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