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"The Entrepreneur Dreamer Confirmation"

ANOTHER Incredible TESTIMONY of the Word of The Lord Revealing the Secrets of Men and Woman! I had the Honor of Prophesying the Word Of The Lord to this man via my Ministry website last weekend. Supernatural CONFIRMATION was Revealed into his Personal Situation as the SECRETS of the Lord were Spoken to him to Encourage Him in His Destiny on this Earth before the Lord. To JESUS be all the Glory! Please Read This Prophecy and be Encouraged for YOUR Heart and Destiny to be made clear as it was for this Mans.

Portions of the WORD OF THE LORD Spoken to Him below:

Even as my Spirit gives gifts unto men as He so choose's says the Lord. So shall the Gifting of a entrepreneur be established within your Lineage says the Lord. For I have created you to think outside the box of the Normal way of life. You are Unique in many ways my Son. I say that you have not even scratched the Surface of what is within your Mind to think and re-think and make better your Business decisions that will come to you on a Platter of the Wisdom of the Internet and ways to make your living better for you says the Lord. You shall even have dreams of innovations on how to make your way of life easier and then teach others this Process and make your way prosperous before me and even your household will benefit. For there is also a Gifting of a DREAMER within you as well and one that can INTERPRET dreams for others. This is a Gifting that has gone from generation to generation within your family lineage from me says the Lord.

MY PROPHETIC INSIGHTS I spoke to him as well:

I also see from what I saw and spoke above from the spirit a gifting of a Dreamer within you. You may or may not dream now, but I believe this is something that the lord is going to be bringing more to the forefront of your night time hours and this will be his doing and timing for you as well and even TEACHING others to learn the language of god in that respect as well. okay...

HIS INCREDIBLE CONFIRMATION and Response to what was Prophesied of who HE is and where HE is going according to the Word of The Lord Released into his Destiny! Read Below and be so ENCOURAGED in this Ministry and Gifting of the Lord.



Thanks so much for taking the time to prophesy for me. The vision was interesting and I'm going to spend some time pondering it. I thought the ENTREPRENEUR comment was great, I've been searching for something in that arena. I also am very involved in the internet as I work full time in web project management, create sites for friends, and have started a network of sites relating to things of the Spirit. I thought Your dream comments were amazing! I've gotten into dream interpretation the past few years and have helped to admin a 43,000 member dream site on Facebook, and am now starting to manage a dream site with a group of people. I had also been re-doubting my efforts to improve my dream interpretation skills. I loved the comment about it being a generational gift... I've been discouraged over my progress and wondered if i even had any gifting. The exciting thing about the dream site is that people can use it as a journal, get their dream interpreted, but the most amazing thing is that it will use analytics in the background to point out trends such as people dreaming about the presidential elections, or weather situations, or even terror attacks and we could possibly work with law enforcement to warn them. It's a pretty cool idea.

Anyway, thanks so much, I actually was really looking forward to your word.

This my Friend is TRUE Prophecy Spoken to Help and Encourage this Man's dreams and Destiny in Christ. To Adonai do I give all the Glory to be able to Confirm such Precise and Detailed Information for this man and give Him HOPE in His Journey on the Earth. I know many still doubt and question if this is all real and of the Lord. The PROOF is being Confirmed over and over and over again. The Testimony's speak for themselves. It would be my Honor to Prophesy over your Life as the Spirit would reveal.

Request YOUR Personal Prophecy Today, 4 YOUR Future Tomorrow in Christ Jesus!



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