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"The INTERVIEWS Prophecy Confirmation"

More TESTIMONIES of the Word of The Lord Revealing the the Secrets of Men and Woman!

This is a Testimony of a Man I Spoke the Word of The Lord

and CONFIRMATION was Revealed to Him. Be Encouraged in Christ Jesus my Friends. HE knows even the Smallest details for each of our Lives. Blessings in Christ to ALL!

Word of the Lord REVEALED below:

"I am being shown doors Opening for you even this very Month for fulfillment in your Chosen Field of Work. I see the Hand of the Lord actually Opening this Huge Door and I see the Word OPPORTUNITY of a Lifetime over the door Mantle for you. The Time to Seize the Moment will be at Hand my Brother! Blessings in Christ."

His Response is Below to the Prophetic Word RELEASED to Him:

"Bless you brother - I am having two INTERVIEWS this very week coming - to God be the Glory.


What a great Encouragement this must of been to this Man to know that Adonai was totally aware of his Situation and Confirmed this to Him as the PROPHETIC WORD was delivered at this moment in Time. I Pray that the Lord gives him his Hearts Desire in this Arena of his life. Blessings to all and to CHRIST be all the Glory. HE knows each of us Intimately and is involved in each of our Lives, EVEN when we are unaware, HE is ALWAYS there! Blessings to ALL.

Request YOUR Personal Prophecy today, 4 YOUR Future tomorrow in Christ Jesus my friends. Never give up HOPE! Jesus is just a breathe away for your destiny..


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