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MYSTERIES of ADONAI: "Passed on loved ones in ETERNITY"

1 Corinthians 2:9 "Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him."

The Supernatural World of Heaven and the Creator of the Universe are infinite my Friends. The Bible (Holy Cannon) is just a SMALL Portion of the Guiding Light for the Christ Followers to gain Insight on the Mysteries of the Father. But I am here to say that there are many experiences in this Life that you will encounter supernaturally from time to time that can not be verified in Scripture. This does not mean that it was not of the Lord and another way of the Creator reaching out to you in a way that HE may see for you and your Journey before Him on the Earth. Such are Dreams of Passed Loved ones that have crossed over the Veil into Eternity of Heaven. Many of you Reading this probably have had such experiences and wonder if the dream was of the Lord. I have had such dreams and these occurrences were Confirmed by the Spirit of the Lord each time. I remember one such dream that I had of my step father who had passed away for about 6 months. I was taken to Heaven in this Dream and my step dad was the person that greeted me as I entered the Gates. The dream was very vivid as I remember it like it was yesterday. He greeted me with open arms and He was wearing a Bright RED Sport coat which I thought was very strange at the time in my Dream. I was more startled though to even see HIM! The reason being is that I didn't think he made it to Heaven. I didn't think he made it as I Judged Him from what I knew of him. But God knew his Heart and I learned a great Lesson from this experience never to Judge ANYONE and that the Father knows all.

The Confirmation that I received the very next day about this Dream Encounter from a passed on Loved one is my Mother Posted a Picture on Facebook of a Bright RED Flower from His Funeral that was still alive in Her Home 6 months after He had Passed. she went on to explain that RED was his favorite Color as I did not Know this and My Dream was Confirmed of the Lord by the Spirit and this Encounter I had was real and for a Purpose. To JESUS be all the Glory!

Request Your Specific Personal Prophecy Today dear friend from me, Your Future has Secrets that can be revealed as the Lord allows through the spirit that can release Your Destiny and Breakthrough for a greater Tomorrow for your life and the ones that you Love! Amen and Amen..


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