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Revelation 3:5 “He who overcomes will, like them, be dressed in white. I will never blot out his name from the book of life but will acknowledge his name before my father and his angels”.

ETERNITY and the Mysteries of Adonai. Do you ever wonder and ponder the thought of what happens after this life and what HEAVEN will be like for you and everyone else who have believed on the saving Grace of Christ Jesus the Lord? Some think we will just be relaxing in our mansions and enjoying the Atmosphere and the Wonders of this great New Place we will be spending Eternity in. I asked the Lord this question years ago and this is the Personal Revelation that was revealed to me by the Holy Spirit that day.

"EVEN as it was when your Spirit entered your Mother's Womb from the Dimensions of Heaven, and you were PERFECT before me says the Lord. So shall you return to a place that you have called Home. Even as you walked on the streets of Gold, even as you Breathed in the Light of my Goodness and Played in the Fields that are alive and the Mysteries of the Universe and the Worlds were awake within your consciousness, so shall you Continue in your Expansion of REALITY and Perfection in the Oneness of my Son says the Spirit of the lord to you, my Son!"

I BELIEVE that we will have Jobs of some kind, each of us will be serving each other in perfect Unity and helping further the Kingdom of the God and our own personal spiritual growth and walk before the Father. So, you see HEAVEN is not going to be the End my Friends, I believe it will just be the beginning and a Place that we all will feel familiar with as if we have been there before, and we have! This I know by Revelation of the Spirit. This is Personal Revelation, YES. But I tell you this is that when that day comes for each of us and the Veil is lifted of this Life, ALL will have the awareness of lost Memory in Human Form and the Conscious awareness of a yesterday gone by in Spirit, AND this will Happen Instantly (1 John 3:2). Blessings to you all and I Pray that this has given some a better sense and Understanding of Heaven and Eternity for those in Christ Jesus.

Request Your Personal Specific Prophecy Today from me as I will inquire on your behalf before the Ancient of Days as to a part of Your Destiny may be Revealed on this Earth in Christ Jesus the Lord, Amen!


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