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"Gods Prophetic MASTERPIECE Fulfilled"

More Testimonies of the Word of the Lord REVEALING the Hearts of Men and Woman as this Prophetic word came to pass as spoken through me by the Spirit of Prophecy. You will be amazed and marveled at the words spoken and the predicted and the unusual fulfillment of the precise timing of what the anointed Prophetic word is all about as this woman was lead to her destiny in her journey on this earth before the creator of all. Read and be amazed at this Masterpiece of the Prophetic word spoken and come to pass months before it all happened for her. This is a fairly long read, but your spirit will leap and your faith will be raised at this Gifting within me to bring such precise Predictions in advance to the very month as Prophesied to this woman as she met her divine connection in another state of the US in the exact Month that I spoke to her.

Word of the Lord to her I Prophesied twice. First Prophecy 11/18/2015 and again on 3/4/16.. Parts of each word are below for verification of the fulfillment of the lord for her. Read below please...

11/18/2015 Prophecy below:

I have the Impression of the Month of May for you as one of great DELIGHT and EXCITEMENT I hear for you dear sister. I feel that you will meet a CONNECTION during this timeframe. I sense this will be some kind of friendship that will make your spirit jump for joy is my best insight. I feel this connection will give you a sense of fulfillment is my best impression, almost like a best friends if this makes more sense to you, but I feel this connection will happen around MAY or springtime and even the first part of the summertime, but JOY will be your portion I hear in the Spirit for you, okay.

3/4/16 Prophecy below:

Even as the Springtime will bring forth the Flowers of May, so shall Destiny be knocking at your door once again. There shall also be a Ministry that will be Birthed and shall come to pass as a UNITY shall be established and become one before me. So shall the Ministry of HELPS and Serving be brought to the Forefront of your thought process. This will start out small, but your Gifting in this Arena that is dormant now, shall rise to the top and be evident by many says the Lord. For I have put a Heart to Serve your Brothers and Sisters and HOSPITALITY shall entertain your Path before many in My Kingdom says the Lord this day to you my Daughter. Amen and Amen!

REVELATION KNOWLEDGE: My Insights for you Andrea is strong in the Springtime 2016 mostly. I feel the Lord is preparing your table and will be bring people into your Path for his purpose for you. I even sense from the word above that you will for better words have a Unique kind of Ministry to be used for the Kingdom. I feel that there will be a divine appointment for better words of a particular individual that will propel you forward and then this gifting that is within you to be awakened is my best Impression/Insight.

Now you are going to read HER Testimony of the fulfillment of the Prophesies above in her very words to me. I knew nothing about her or her situation or the dream she had in April of 2015 which piece's this Prophetic Masterpiece of God into perspective which only God can do. Please read and be marveled at this incredible Testimony of the Prophetic word and the hand of God working in this woman's life. READ HER WORDS BELOW NOW please.


In April of 2015 I dreamed I was alone in a room with sunlight beaming through a window. My attention was immediately drawn to a envelope that was sitting in the windowsill. I went over and I picked up the envelope and on the outside of the envelope it said "RAS" Now fast forward 1 year.. The divine CONNECTION was "RAS" (who I didn't know at the time) On 2/16/2016 I received a invitation to go to a woman's conference in May 13th and 14th in Texas. It was the Gateway church woman's conference ( My plane ticket and conference were paid for by this lady and her husband as well). Obviously when you look at the date it brings back immediate reminder of your word which said of a DIVINE-CONNECTION in MAY. So the Lord did not remind me of my dream until after I accepted her invitation to this conference. The day that I sent her a message and told her that I would accept her invitation my Facebook reminder popped up of what happened on that day 1 year ago. In the face book reminder that showed me I sent a friend request to RAS Robinson. I did that because I had the dream of the envelope and "RAS" and I was wondering who he was? The first name RAS stood out because I had seen people re-post his daily prophetic word but only by people writing his name at the bottom of the word.. I now know that people that received his email were posting the word from copying it from the email. Okay, so I go now to the woman's conference May 13 and 14. So I got on the plane and went to Texas alone... armed with the word you spoke about the divine connection in MAY. I went to the woman's conference which ended on Saturday the 14th. So I remained in the hotel another night after everyone went home from the conference. I felt lead to use google map to find out where the church was that RAS Robinson was the overseer (Fullness in Christ Ministry in TEXAS?) It turned out that his church was only 5 miles away from the hotel that I was staying at from the woman's conference that the lady who invited me had booked me to stay at. That was another confirmation because in a city the size of Fort Worth only being 5 miles away from a divine appointment was a absolute miracle. So that Sunday morning which was the 15th of MAY I showed up at the fullness in Christ church, well aware that it was MAY and your Prophetic word spoke of. The presence of the Lord was so strong apon me all day. I could not do anything but just cry. I had no idea why I was there except for that it had something to do with RAS in whom I have never met. The service was wonderful, but it was over and I thought I must of missed the opportunity... as I was going out to my vehicle, out in the parking lot, RAS and Beverly Robinson pulled up in their little car and asked me to spend the afternoon with them at a luncheon at one of the church members house. I accepted... I spent about 4 hours sitting at the table with the apostle (RAS) THAT'S WHEN I FINALLY REALIZED what the connection was about that you prophesied months earlier to me. I now with my family sponsor 17 children with this Ministry. I just got back from a mission trip in the Philippines with them and even got a chance to Preach and the opportunity to share Christ and his saving grace. Their Ministry works with Orphans Kids and Housing and Schooling, anything to get them off the streets and into the path of the Lord for a future. So this is my Testimony of your Prophesy and what the Lord is doing in my life and more to come I Pray! All the Glory to our Lord and Savior JESUS....


Request your SPECIFIC Personal Prophecy today, 4 Your Future tomorrow in Christ Jesus my Friends. What he did for this woman, HE will do for you, Amen....


P.S. Below Picture is the ACTUAL woman I Prophesied to and some of the Orphans and Children she was divinely connected to Through another man and his Ministry that she had a dream about 1 year before which I never knew until she revealed this.. AMAZING! Request Your SPECIFIC Prophecy from this Gifting within me from Christ Jesus my friends.

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