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Angelic Voice's Request Personal Prophecy Fulfilled

More Testimonies of the True Word of the Lord revealing the SECRETS of men and woman!

You are about to read another Great Testimony as I Prophesied to this woman who requested the 6 month Request personal prophecy forecast option on my Ministry website. For the Month of January 2024 was short and to the point as I Prophesied their was going to be a strong Tangible expression of the Angelic Realm of Heaven that she would literally be able to hear in her dream life and in Prayer in the Natural. Many times when we are in deep prayer and seeking the face of God it will feel like a dream because your actually in the Realm of the Spirit and that is exactly what happened with this woman as the word of the Lord came to pass as she heard the voice's of Heaven what she perceived to be in the natural but was in the Spirit Realm and also saw with her natural eyes flashes of Light which represents the Angelic Hosts of Heaven and their Voice's speaking in her dream state of the Realm of the Spirit (Ezekiel 1:14)

Read this short but encouraging Testimony and her words of confirmation as she witnessed this herself while in deep prayer for the month of January 2024 that I prophesied would come to pass for her life.

Prophecy released September 18th 2023:

JANUARY 2024 will be a Timeframe for Visitation as Your Dream life will Reveal the Voices of Heaven says the Lord. ( I have a STRONG Impression for the Angelic Realm 4 U during this Month, be in Prayer)

Her Words of Confirmation of what she experienced, read below:

1/20/2024 I was praying in the spirit 3a-6a str8, I saw quick flashes of light before me in my bedroom as I pressed on nearing hour 2, I knew they were angels, it was a knowing in my spirit.

My dream life has Been WOW!

What a neat encouraging Testimony of the True Word of The Lord within me coming to pass for this Woman. Many nowadays say they offer a request personal prophecy for people's lives on their FAKE Free personal prophecy websites but NONE of them have validated and documented and verified Testimonies as I have on my ministry website. There are over 80 posted and I have hundreds yet to do as they are very time consuming but I do this to give hope to all that visit my ministry website platform and that the True word of the Lord is within me and to JESUS be all the Glory, Always!

I want you to me the next great Testimony of God's Gift within me for a REAL request personal prophecy and scroll to the top of this Blog Post and make your request personal prophecy from me and I promise you won't be disappointed I guarantee it in Jesus Mighty name!

In His Love and Service


Woman hears and sees the Angelic Realm from Prophet Steven Svec request personal prophecy miracle testimony
Request Personal Prophecy Fulfilled Angelic


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