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Get My Request a Prophetic Word

🙌 Thank You for Being Here! A Powerful Testimony Unveiled 🙌

Greetings to all my valued readers! I'm truly grateful for your continued support as I share the incredible testimonies that have unfolded throughout my years of ministry. For those who might be new, I am Steven Svec, a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, operating uniquely as a Prophet. My ministry involves delivering prophetic insights via email to those seeking divine guidance. Today, I'm excited to share a remarkable testimony that showcases the specificity and accuracy of the Lord's word through me.

Introduction to the Testimony

In this particular case, a missionary planning a trip to South Africa Zimbabwe discovered my ministry website, Prophetic Insights 4 U. Intrigued by the testimonies of God's work through me, he sought greater clarity for his upcoming mission.

The Request for Prophetic Guidance

Navigating to the page "Get My Request a Prophetic Word," he chose the option "Ask Your Own 1 Question." This popular choice allows individuals to seek personalized guidance for their specific situations. His question was straightforward yet crucial for his mission: "Does the Lord have anything more to say to me about my upcoming visit to South Africa Zimbabwe?"

The Prophetic Insight

Following a deep connection with the Spirit, I delivered the word of the Lord. The guidance was clear: postpone the trip for one week due to an impending tragic accident on the originally booked flight. I emphasized the importance of heeding this warning for his safety.

Life-Saving Decision

Heeding the prophetic guidance, he rescheduled his trip as advised. Exactly one week later, a tragic plane crash occurred on the original flight he was supposed to be on. There were no survivors. The documented and verified prophecy had saved his life, illustrating the mercy and grace of God.

A Call to Experience the Prophetic

All Request Prophetic Word are delivered via email for validation and accountability. It's a crucial aspect of my ministry to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the predictions. This missionary's life was spared through the warning prophecy he received via email.

Your Invitation to Prophetic Guidance

As you read this testimony, I extend an invitation to experience the prophetic for yourself. Visit my ministry website here to get your own "Get My Request a Prophetic Word." You could be the next testimony, experiencing the life-changing power of God's gift within me.

🌟 More Grace and Peace to All! 🌟

Thank you for being part of these verified testimonies, showcasing the undeniable gift of God within me. Let this encourage and inspire you to seek your own prophetic word.

May grace and peace abound in your life!


Get my request a prophetic word
Get my request a prophetic word


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