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How to Request Personal Prophetic Word and Receive it with Clarity

Have you ever considered to request personal prophetic word for you life or for someone that you know? It's actually a very common thing nowadays to request personal prophetic word but the big detail is how to request personal prophetic word with complete clairty. This is the bigget challenge for people and for some one like myself who actually gives request personal prophetic word for people that request my counsel from my ministry website of Prophetic Insights 4U or Personal Prophecy 4U is that I am able to reveal with great clarity for each person that does a request personal prophetic word from my Gifting in the Lord at

I first became aware of this Gift from God within me at a very early age but just thought to myself that everyone was like me and would see visions and supernatural events of things in the world that haven't happened yet and then I see them in my dreams and the next day what I saw in my dreams was on the News and I began wondering what is going on with all this? Am I crazy or what, lol. Well I started to see the same things come to pass in peoples lives and family and friends and then it dawned on me maybe I can use this Gift to help people about their future decisions and questions they have about their life or people they knew and cared about so I started my ministry website for request personal prophetic word and the rest is history as I pray for people and the Lord gives me Occurence's of their lives and visions of their lives and Predictions for them that have helped thousands of people as the years have gone on in my life and ministry. I want to encourage anyone who would request personal prohpetic word from my ministry website and then tell your friends and others who would be interested in a request personal prophetic word for clarity into every arena of their life at my ministry website of

Read a little excert of my very poplular ebook which I give away for FREE to anyone who would want it and this will give in detail how I am able to hear Gods voice for others with so much clairty and gives a bit of my testimony as well in reguest personal prohpetic word and how it all started with me over 30 years ago now as I am writing this Blog Post for all my Followers all over the Word. Read below and then go to my ministry website online and request personal prophetic word for a piece of your future to be revealed in Christ Jesus the Lord. Read below and enjoy and get yours today with precise clarity as the word of the Lord is strong within me for a request personal prophetic word Today.

“REQUEST PERSONAL PRPOHETIC WORD AND MY BEGINNINGS” Throughout my years (especially the last four years) have been compacted in what I would say supernatural downloads of different ways in HEARING the voice of the Spirit. I have been a disciple of Christ since January of 1987 as I spoke of the baptism on that day in the previous chapter. My personal soul searching quest of all the years of wilderness in between and searching for my purpose and pondering the words of the Prophet on that day of baptism over my life as he spoke of a ministry and gifting that would come to pass sometime in the future. Four years ago I started to have this uncontrollable desire to PROPHECY. I do not know where this came from, except from the Lord. I started getting involved in groups on social media that offered help and guidance in how to do personal prophecy, which gave me confidence in what I was hearing and seeing for people as I prayed for them and mostly online through the internet. I got involved in one group on Facebook called Personal Prophecy Group online, which was headed by many admiistrators, who I mentioned in an earlier chapter. John prophesied to me one day as he called out my name in a chat in the group and not even knowing me or who I was of the gifting within me to prophesy; he even shared secrets of my life that were relevant years ago when I was a child, and my love for music. I was intrigued by his words to me and especially the confidence to be able to bring this gift within me (that seemed dormant at the time) out into my everyday life. He prophesied this to me and it wasn’t the first time I received a personal prophecy of such a gift within me. So I got involved with his ministry in the PPGO Group on Facebook; and I became one of the individuals of the group that would pray for people and prophesy over their lives on a weekly basis. It seemed each week this gifting within me started to emerge as a flower in the springtime begins to grow and sprout up. I would receive feedback from the people that I chose to prophesy over – how spot on the prophecy was about them, their lives, situations they were facing presently, secrets that the Spirit would reveal to me concerning their past, and what the Lord was saying about their future as well. Since these small beginnings, just a few years ago now, I have started the ministry that was prophesied over my life about 25 years ago. I have prophesied literally to hundreds and hundreds of people from every nation all over the planet through request personal prophetic words.

Get your request personal prophetic word today and recieve the clarity your deserve and be encouraged the way God always intended this kind of gift being using corrrectly for His Kingdom, Blessings now.


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