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Request a Prophecy online from Steven and Receive the TRUE Word of The Lord Today!

Are you needing a financial breakthrough for Your life? Are you living paycheck to paycheck or maybe you are presently needing a job or looking for a new career change? Or maybe you are contemplating getting married and wondering if the individual that you are dating or even engaged to is the right lifelong helpmate you have been looking for? If any of those scenarios are where you are at now in your life and journey on this earth, then you are reading the right blog post dear friend. Request a prophecy online from Prophet Steven that will bring real encouragement and direction into your life's questions in any arena of your life in Christ Jesus. Many say that they can request a prophecy online for your life, but they will generally give you a generic bible versed request a prophecy and then even as you for a donation into their FAKE ministry! These individuals are all over the social media platforms and will just try and steal your money for a false request a prophecy online for your life. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and all the rest of the social media platforms will reveal these false ministries and individuals that request a prophecy online for your life but will just give you what you want to hear. Prophet Steven is not on any social media platforms because he doesn't have to do this because he carry's the true word of the lord for a request a prophecy online for your life in Christ Jesus dear friend. He is the Real Deal and has Testimonies to verify this with pin-point accuracy on His ministry website that you can read and request a prophecy online at Request Personal Prophecy | Personal Prophecy 4U (

There is the real request a prophecy online from Prophet Steven and then there is the fake request a prophecy online you will find on ALL the social media platforms of today. Just look at all the fake request a prophecy online national prophecy that came from the false Prophets for the Trump election like Jeff Jansen, Charlie Shamp, Kat Kerr and many more that were national request a prophecy online from each of these individuals that they said that God the Father told them that Trump would be re-elected? Well, something is wrong here then, either God was wrong or these people who make millions of tax-free dollars were wrong. Was the Creator fooled by His Creation? Or was the Creation not hearing the correct word of the lord because they were fooled by another false request a prophecy online from a man named Kim Clement that said that Trump would have 2 back-to-back terms and so then these false prophets just jumped on the band wagon so they thought they would look good before the platform of men on social media platforms and rake in the money and steal from Gods children like they are doing now. Remember there is the real request a prophecy online and then there is the fake request a prophecy online. Choose this day to follow the REAL from Prophet Steven as his ministry website to hear the real request a prophecy online for your life in Christ today dear friends. You can trust the word of the Lord within Steven's on-line ministry platform for real request a prophecy online for your life in Christ with a 100% guarantee that you will receive True encouragement and hope in Christ Jesus the lord.

Read just a sample of Steven's Gift of a Testimony on his ministry website below of a man who was getting married and Steven had no foreknowledge of this and Prophesied a vision he was shown for the Holy Spirit of a Red Rose that would be a significant sign to this man of God's faithfulness for bringing into his life's path a lifelong helpmate as he was planning on asking His girlfriend to marry him and He did and Steven confirmed this in His request a prophecy online testimony. Read below and be encouraged this day for your request a prophecy breakthrough as well through Stevens Gift of Prophecy within Him from the Lord, read now.

NOVEMBER will come as a Red Rose will signify the start of a Season of your greatest achievement yet, even as the next 5 months will determine the outcome says the Lord.

HIS RESPONSE in his own words read below and then our correspondence back and forth to confirm this Testimony:

Hi Steven, thank you for the six-month prophecy, your word for November I know is full of God’s insight, ‘a Red Rose will signify the start of a season of your greatest achievement yet’ as I am planning to MARRY in November. So, praise the Lord, thank you for this and other ‘signs and wonders’ of the Lord to look forward to. Blessings! T*****Y

If you have been blessed and encouraged by this blog post, please share it with as many people as you feel that could need the Real request a prophecy online in their lives and not the fake social media request a prophecy dear friend. Steven's Gift is real and has proven the test of time now for 8 years on this on-line platform. Go and request prophetic word now at His ministry website and have real encouragement and hope from a real man and gift from God to the body of Christ today at Request Prophetic Word | Personal Prophecy 4U (

Amen and Amen, Blessings in Christ Jesus and to JESUS be all the Glory and Honor! Oh, one last piece of information is that Steven you will find on His ministry website has 8 different request a prophecy online options to choose from. Love and romance, job and career, ministry and gifting's, ask your own 1 question, 6-month forecast, and a 12-month forecast for your life.


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