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Request a Prophet Word from a REAL Gifted Man of God!

So many people nowadays say that they can Prophecy accurately into your life, but they lie to you and will do anything to get your attention to draw you to their social media platform to give you a generic request a prophetic word for your life. These individuals are all over now self-proclaimed Prophets through social media. I have personally received Prophesies from these individuals and I can tell you that not one of them encouraged me or gave me hope or have ever come to pass as all their words have fallen to the ground all in the name of the gospel of our precious lord Jesus the Christ and all for the PROFIT of these individuals for their so called ministries, they are ALL FAKE PEOPLE dear saints, every one of them. But there is Good News because where there is the FAKE, there is the REAL, and the Gifted individual that I am talking about for request a prophetic word for your life is Steven Svec. He carry's the True word of the Lord within Him since His birth for a REAL request a prophetic word into your life with a 100% guarantee for hope and encouragement into your life dear friend. He has Prophesied 10,000's request a prophetic word into people's lives all over the word through the Internet Platform for the past 8 years now and His Ministry has grown exponentially each and every year to the masses through the arena of request a prophetic word. You can request a prophetic word from him at His ministry website at Request Prophetic Word | Personal Prophecy 4U (

Do yourself a favor and for the benefit to your all-around spiritual well-being and that is to get rid of all your social media accounts and just read your bible's and attend your local church's and trust real men of God like Prophet Steven who is the REAL DEAL! Social Media is polluted with all the false self-proclaimed prophets for request a prophetic word into your life and they will advertise it's for Free? But all request a prophetic word is supposed to be Free but giving and offering is an act of obedience and is biblical but only for a REAL PROPHET, but these individuals are not real they are all fake and just want to steal your money and use the social media platform to do so. It gives the REAL PROPHETS like Steven Svec who does ask for a donation, but you will get a REAL request a prophetic word for your life in Christ Jesus the Lord.

Go to Steven's website and read all the REAL TESTIMONIES of people just like yourself who have received request prophetic word from steven and be encouraged for your request a prophetic word breakthrough in Christ Jesus the Lord. Steven has 8 different request prophetic word options available for every arena of your life in Christ to help you navigate through life's journey's to be able to fulfill all your assignments on the earth for God's PERFECT will for your life in Christ the Lord. Remember there is the real and the fake. The real comes from God the Father and the fake come from the evil one Lucifer and his fallen angels. The corruption of the Technology of the age has infiltrated the 21st century church to the degree that it would be best to leave all social media platforms and just follow the Lord at your local church and get a REAL GIFTED Individual in your life like Steven Svec through the on-line Platform for request a prophetic word for real encouragement into your life's path for real hope and a 100% guarantee that you will be blessed with Specifics and real direction into your life in every arena of your life for request prophetic word today dear saints.

If you have been blessed and encouraged in this blog post, please share it with as many people that you think will benefit from this short message of request a prophetic word into their lives for hope and encouragement in Christ Jesus the Lord because Steven is the REAL DEAL and can back up the Word of The Lord within Him for a real request a prophetic word into and over your life in Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior, Amen!


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