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Request Personal Prophecy 4 U Christmas

Request Personal Prophecy for Your Christmas this Year Blog Post 11/15/2023. I can not think anything better to give as a Gift to someone than a request personal prophecy for their life as a Christmas Gift. What a great Gift of encouragement to give someone the gift of request personal prophecy. You may think that giving a gift of buying a Present like a shirt or shoes or pants or maybe even a New Car or a Gift card for Starbucks or any retail store, but these gifts will all be short lived and will come to and end, but the gift of a request personal prophecy could last a lifetime if its a real request personal prophecy in season for the individual receiving the request personal prophecy especially in the Light of Christ who is the reason for the Season we must never forget. You can request personal prophecy Chirstmas at the link beolow and give the Gift that keeps on giving at

Let me say this as well that You won't have to go out into all the driving Traffic or Store Malls and deal with all the hassel of standing in line to buy a Christmas present for a loved one, instead you can request personal prophecy from Me at my ministry website called Prophetic Insights 4 u or Personal Prophecy 4 u and request personal prophecy for a loved one or a friend that will bless their life not just for Christmas time but will Bless them for a lifetime or at least the next 12 months of their life as I am now presently offering the request personal prophecy 2024 forecast as well would be a perfect gift that will keep on giving for the next entire year of 2024. You can get this request personal prohpecy at the link below and also read all the Testimonies and proven word of the lord through me Steven Svec for the past 9 years on this online Platform of request personal prophecy at

Reasd below this really neat Testimony that actually revolves around a Chistmas time month as I Prophesied a special trip surprise that this man would be taking that he was not aware of yet becuase the invitation for him and his wife to travel to family out of state hadn't happened yet, but God showed me it would happen and come to pass and it did as he request personal prophecy from me and the true word of the lord was released in his request personal prophecy below. Read it now and be encouraged for your request personal prophecy breakthrough in Christ Jesus the Lord, read now.

Request Personal Prophecy October 2022 and December 2022

OCTOBER 2022 & DECEMBER 2022 Prophecy's released on June 29th 2022 for the months of July through December 6 month Prophecy Forecast.

OCTOBER 2022 will bring the Thoughts of Travel to Your Thought Process and even though this will be delayed for now, it will come to pass by the end of this Year says the Lord. ( I have the Impression of a vacation or long weekend type event that will bring a fresh awakening to Your Spirit, even as the Holiday season will bring Joy, be in Prayer)

DECEMBER 2022 will Truly bring the Spirit of the Holiday's to Your Heart even as Travel will come as a Surprise even though it has been planned says the Lord. ( I see You literally taking a Trip of some kind and I have the Impression of Family and Friends and even the feeling of a Surprise will be experienced during this month, be in Prayer).

HIS exact words of Fulfillment as He received a "Surprise" Invitation in the middle of December to Travel for the Holiday Christmas Season to visit Family and Friends.

Hello Steven,

I while back you prophesied this, a 6 months prophecy.

Couple of days ago my family/friends gave us a surprise to travel for a couple of days, my heart was truly gladdened.



Request personal prophecy form me today for your future tomorrow in the Lord, blessings to all for this Holiday season in Christ Jesus



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