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Request Personal Prophecy 4 Your Life in 2024

Unleashing the Power of Personal Prophecy in Your life.

The first question many people ask me is this biblical and the answer is 100% YES! There is scripture both in the New and Old Testement of request personal prophecy in action from a Godly man or woman and or a Prophet or Prohetess that proves that God used and still uses people in the 21st century church for a request personal prohpecy. It is still excepted in most Charasmatic and Pentecostal and non denominational church services and now it has really taken of through the online platform for many ministry's that offer request personal prophecy, but there is a catch? Many of these so called ministries are scammers and they will give you a fake request personal prophecy just to steal your hard earned money. They are everywhere and especially on social media platforms as well like facebook or Youtube or Rumble. Request personal prophecy from a Proven Prophetic Ministry and Gifting and Track record of verified request personal prophecy testimonies like you will find on my website Let me Introduce my self, my name is Steven Svec. I have been Prophesying since I was a little child and I carry the true word of lord within me for a proper request personal prophecy that will bring edification and confirmation into your life's situation in every arena of your life in Christ Jesus the Lord of all.

Request personal prophecy for every area of your life can be very beneficail as you use the Power and Unleash the real request personal prophecy for your life's path. I can do this 4U dear friend and I have been doing request personal prophecy for many years and I will go so far as to say without blinking and eye that there isn't another on this Planet right now who carrry's the accuracy and Hidden Secrets of the Heart that the Lord reveals through me and my ministry of request personal prophecy today and in the now. I will be able to discern the past present and future of your life with pinpoint accuracy and give you detailed information that will line up with God's Holy word that will be able to propel you forward into your lifes calling as request personal prophecy is strong within me to bring about your Greatest desires and Prayers within your Heart that God only knows about and wants to being about your greatest destiny in Him. Request personal prophecy at my Ministry website and I promise you won't be dissapointed and that you will be blessed beyond measure and be gladd you did dear freind. My Homepage of Prophetic Insights 4 U is request personal prophecy at

In Closing this Blog Post I want to leave you with a recent testimony of a woman who I Prophesied to concerning her life as SECRETS were revealed to me for her about a personal situation that was 100% true as request personal prophecy was released into and over her life. Read below and then request personal prophecy for yourserlf and be encouraged in Christ the Lord just like this woman received through my Ministry of request personal prophecy recently. Blessings now and read Testimony below, Enjoy and be encouaraged.

Request Personal Prophecy Testimony:

I am being shown a vision of you J****** and you are on a boat in very turbulent water, and I see you holding on to the steering wheel of the boat and trying to steer as the waves seem to be crashing against the sides of the boat. I have the Impression of a long trip as if you have been holding on for a while concerning your destiny for God's perfect helpmate to keep you company on your walk and journey on this earth before the Lord. There will be much more of a calmer walk unlike the boat ride you have been on says the Lord. I have the Impression of a 3–6-month time frame that will bring more clarity and especially the month of SEPTEMBER says the Lord. This will be a time of great thanksgiving and a SURPRISE will enter your life as NOVEMBER will be the real time to give thanks as the Holidays will bring a smile to your face and the one that has been like a maverick will calm down like the seas that you have been traveling on and the waters will be calm and the SURPRISE will bring back the memories of yesterday and the Joy of your Youth will be reawakened during this time of renewed vows of a greater commitment that will bring in 2018 as a year to look forward to says the Lord.



You mentioned the name K**** on your request. I feel from what has been spoken and shown that this could be him. I don't know your situation or relationship with him, but I feel that you have been going through a time frame of indecision and questioning before the Lord concerning a helpmate. I feel that there is someone in your life now, but there is a question in your spirit about this maverick the spirit revealed in your word above about. I feel that this individual will be coming to terms of his feelings for you are my impressions and it is like a light bulb will go on for him and he will realize this. I feel that the Holiday seasons will be bringing you much Joy and reconciliation for a better word are my Prophetic Impressions for you, okay.


I Pray that you have been blessed and encouraged and given HOPE in your walk and Journey on this earth before the Father in Christ Jesus our Lord. Blessings to you J****** this day.


 HER RESPONSE BACK TO ME on Her Engagement November 7th and the Accuracy of this 100% Prediction come to pass.


Hello, my brother, Mr. Steven, I just wanted to email you back confirmation from every situation that you have mentioned. All I can do is smile and give glory to God. Everything you said was hit on the nail right on time with every beat. First and furthermore, I would like to give God all the glory and praise for allowing you to share your gift with others in a magnificent way.


But taking everything from the beginning, the vision of the turbulent water you had of me that was shown happened. I was in Miami, September, on Labor Day week on a boat called Thriller speedboat which was going about 50 mph in turbulent water, I had a blast! Also, you mentioned a great SURPRISE entering my life in November, well that SURPRISE came to pass it was actually my helpmate (boyfriend) proposing to me on November 7th, 2017. Things couldn’t have been explained any better.


Thank you so much Mr. Steven.

Reqeust Personal Prophecy Today for a part of Your Future Tomorrow dear Friend.



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