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Request Personal Prophetic Word and Beyond

Are you searching and asking questions why am I on the Earth and what is my Purpose in this life? If this is you and I want to say that your not alone. Many people are asking the same questions but I'm here to tell you that there is a way to find out at least a part of your life's destiny as request personal prophetic word will do for your life dear friend. Request personal prophetic word could be the Catalyst in exactly what you are searching for and a request personal prophetic word will do just that and bring clairty into your life's path and meaning. I want to extend and invitation to you if you are reading this Blog Post to request personal prophetic word from me today as the Lord will allow SECRETS for your life as my spiritual eyes will be opened to share what the Lord says specifically for your life in a request personal prophetic word today. You can do this by going to my online ministry website called Personal Prophecy 4 u at

Request personal prophetic word is a tool to help you see your future the way that God sees and wants your future to unfold in HIS perfect will. The bible tells us that there is Gods' Good or Exceptable or PERFECT will for each of our lives. Many live their lives in just the good or exceptable which is okay, but wouldn't you rather live God's PERFECT will for your life. That is what a request personal prophetic word can reveal for each person who desires to understand this great revelation of request personal prophetic word. Many can do this but few can do it with the specifics that the Lord has trusted within me for a request personal prophetic word for your life in Chirst Jesus. I want to invite and encourage you to request personal prophetic word on my online website today and navigate to my home page for request personal prophetic word at the link below and make your request personal prophetic word today

Lastly, I want you to read another great testimony of this man below you will read about that did a request personal prophetic word from me and what the Lord showed me came to pass and this man received his mirlacle request prophetic word breakthrough in the Lord. Read and be encouraged for yours as well Today!

Request Personal Prophetic word Testimony:

" THE PURPLE BUTTERFLY PROPHECY" It's a Long read but well worth the Testimony at the End, YOU won't be disappointed! More INCREDIBLE TESTIMONIES of the Word of The Lord Confirming and Revealing The SECRETS of Men and Woman by Steven!


This is one of the Most REVEALING and Detailed Prophesy's of the Language of GOD and how HE Speaks to each of us on a Individual Basis as CONFIRMATION was given to this Woman I Prophesied over this last weekend via my Ministry website When Confirmation like this is Revealed to your PERSONAL situation it gives you Confidence and HOPE to believe for the Future as the Word of The Lord was Released into her Destiny. I have been given the permission from this Woman to share this Word and explain best I can as a Human in the Language of Adoani. Please read and be Encouraged for your Prophetic Word through this Ordained Ministry and Gifting of the lord. Prophecy is below and this woman's Response and interaction below as WE both searched for the meaning of the Vision that was given to me for her as the Language and SYMBOLS and COLORS of God means and Represents when in Season of ones life. Please read and be Encouraged in Christ Jesus THE LORD!


Vision of The Lord


I see a Vision of a PURPLE Butterfly in Flight. I have the Impression of complete FREEDOM as I am watching this unfold before me as if a Picture is being Painted concerning this Scene. I am far away and yet I am up close to this Butterfly as if I can see into it's eyes. It is so Alive with such Grace and Beauty as I am seemingly able to look into it's being of life and see that it has Purpose and meaning even if just for a fleeting moment in Time is my Impression of what is being conveyed as I see this Scene. This is What I hear the Spirit say to you dear sister as the Word of the Lord is at Hand for your Destiny!


Word of The Lord REVEALED!


Even as all the Creatures of the Creator have there moment and even moments of life and Destiny and PURPOSE. So shall your Moment in Time be Established in the very near Future as you will once again spread your Wings and Fly says the Lord. For I say that Royalty will Precede your very steps and I have Ordained them and I will be bringing you into a NEW Land and even a NEW Avenue of Serving that will Lead you back into your Hearts Desire says the Lord. For this New Land will be recognized within your present landscape as if it has been Hidden from your View. I say that it has not been Hidden as it has always been in Plain site says the lord. I have just Kept it unseen before you until the Perfect Timing of the Lord shall be Revealed to you. There will be COLORS that will guide your sight as my Spirit will lead you to the House that has built you into the Woman you are today and the Ministry that will be recognized and established once again says the Lord to you this day my Daughter! Amen and Amen!




I feel that the butterfly is signifying that your time is coming and it is as if you have been looking (flying) for a new place of Worship and I believe this is going to happen for you shortly as you will be Landing in this New Land, but there is going to be a NEW Revelation of where this place or house of worship is going to be. a Kind of twist in Destiny that will come full circle for you if this makes sense. YOU may have already been drawn to or sensed in your Spirit this is about to be taking place and to keep your spiritual ears and eyes open and I believe that a KNOWING will witness in your Spirit as to where the Lord is leading your steps as prophesied. Your Gifting and Talents will be used FULLY this Time and be Recognized. It will if this makes sense to you a coming Home of a New HOUSE that has established you and who you are says the Lord. Okay... Please read over this Prophecy carefully and bring it before the Lord as I feel the Spirit will guide you into all truth. These are just Words, but the Spirit will bring them ALIVE within your Being and Destiny will be Revealed in Christ. Amen...

HER RESPONSE AND THE MEANING OF COLORS and SYMBOLS of what the Spirit was saying to her Personal and ENCOURAGEMENT and HOPE for the Prophetic word to come to pass.




"Thank you again for the word of the Lord and for taking precious time out of your day to go before the Lord and pray for me. This was a very perplexing word I just keep reading it over and over. Funny you should say a BUTTERFLY I bought a picture about 3 months ago it was a BUTTERFLY I hang it above my bed. I had a dream a year ago I was stuck behind a fence being chased trying to get away and I saw this PURPLE BUTTERFLY fly over the fence. So in the dream I took off and started to fly with the the butterfly over the fence. Thank you again dear brother."




"Butterfly have to go through a metamorphosis and they have to go through the the cocoon stage and have the strength to break out of the cocoon.or they will die and not become a butterfly. It speaks to me of some of the things I have had to go through in my life. But it was all for this moment in time is that makes sense."


Request Personal Prophetic word today, 4 YOUR Future tomorrow in Christ Jesus my friends




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