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Request Prophetic Word Now from a real Gifted Ministry!

Many websites and so-called ministries offer FREE personal prophecy, but this is what they are actually doing dear saints, they are bait and switching you unethically to PROFIT for themselves with no Gift of God within them to Prophesy the word of the lord into your life, they just want your money! Now, giving a donation is 100% ethical and is biblical as this is always God's intentions for a TRUE GIFTED INDIVIDUAL that carry's the Title of Prophet before Yahwehs name. Such and individual are Steven Robert Svec. He is a true Prophet and Gift of God is within him to Prophesy the TRUE PROVEN word of the Lord into your life for encouragement and hope that will bring life changing Prophetic words that will come to pass as Predicted 100% GURANTEE! No one else can offer that because they don't have a True Gift from God to release an Anointed Prophetic word into your life that will not come to pass but what will come to pass is them asking for a donation for a fake generic prophesy with NO Specifics about your life or direction you are seeking. I would fully endorse the TRUE ministry Gift of Steven Robert Svec at Request Personal Prophecy | Personal Prophecy 4U (

Steven's website has presently over 80 testimonies you can read of people just like you and me that have been validated as His words of Prophecy over their lives have come to pass and some even to the very day Prophesied by The Gift of God within Him at Request Personal Prophecy | Personal Prophecy 4U (

Now, Steven does ask for a donation for His services and Gift from God, but this is biblical (1 Samuel 9: 6-8) because Steven carry's a TRUE GIFT FROM GOD WITHIN HIM to Prophesy and Predict the True Proven word of the Lord into your life with 100% GURANTEE for encourage and hope and is SPECIFIC with 8 different personal prophecy options to choose for every arena of your life dear saints at Request Prophetic Word | Personal Prophecy 4U (

Most of these FAKE websites and Ministries who are trying to steal your money is all over social media and literally present themselves like a used car salesman offering pictures and videos for free stuff to get you to go to their websites. They can't verify anything but a bunch of hype and words that will tickle your ears and curiosity to click on their website link to try and Skeem you out of your money for a generic bible verse that will lead you astray with false hope but they will say this almost word for word "If you have been blessed by your personal prophecy from me will you consider giving into our ministry for the Gospels sake, please" They are lying through their teeth, they just want your money to buy a bigger house or drive a more expensive car or whatever they decide to do but it won't be for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it will be for their own gain. They are FAKE ministries with a lying gift just to PROFIT for themselves.

So, if you're seeking to here from God with the real deal and REAL GIFT of a True and Proven and verified request personal prophecy from a Real Prophet Steven Svec and be encouraged in Christ Jesus as your seed donation will be well used to bring hope and encouragement into many lives even as you will be blessed with the true word of the lord, so shall your seed donation be used for God's Kingdom. Request prophetic word from steven at his ministry website here Request Prophetic Word | Personal Prophecy 4U (

God bless you all and share this blog post with as many as you know who are looking for the real deal and real gift of the Prophetic Ministry today in Christ Jesus the Lord, Amen!


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