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Request prophetic word Blog Post 11/15/2023 for this Thanksgiving 2024 and be glad that you did and you will have something to be Thankful for a request prophetic word for your life. There is a lot we all can be thankful for this year and we can take everything that we have for granted but this year lets think positive and request prophetic word from Steven and be encouraged this Thanksgiving day and not only fill your stomach with food, but also request prophetic word for your spirit and be thankful that you did. Request prophetic word for the second to the last Holiday of 2023 and receive specific insights when you request prophetic word from Steven for your life in Christ. Many say they can request prophetic word for the Holidays but sadly they are wrong but when you receive a real request prophetic word for your life as the Holidays will bring you much joy and happiness as you have greater capacity for joy and dancing as a real request prophetic word is received from a real gifted individual. You can request prophetic word from Steven at

Request prophetic word today for a Holiday season encouragement and then get ready for Christmas day as a very special day to request prophetic word as well. Steven has many people through out the past 9 years that have request prophetic word from him and his ministry and have been encouraged in every arena of their lives. Request prophetic word for your Thanksgiving day meal and receive the true word of the Lord for a real request prophetic word for the entire family. You can request prophetic word at Steven's ministry website just click the link below and then you can read testimonies as well of request prophetic word that have come to pass for people just like yourself and be encouraged for your request prophetic word breakthrough today in Christ the Lord. Here is the link to receive your request prophetic word

Testimony please read below of a woman who was having issues with her young son at school and requested my counsel and I sent her request prophetic word that came to pass as she decreed the word of the lord over her sons life and the rest is history as her son improved with his school work and friends, read below and request prophetic word for yourself this Thanksgiving day season.

Request prophetic word below 1 question:

Question: My younger son K****l is having issues in school understanding his work, He has issues with his social skills at times when it comes to communicating with others, and anxiety I want to know how can he be healed from this?

I brought your request before the lord dear sister, and I am inspired to speak and say as my Impressions from the Holy Spirit speak of you beginning to stand in the gap in the capacity of DECREEING his healing. Job 22:28 says "Thou shalt also decree a thing and it will be established unto you, and the light shall shine on all thy ways" Decreeing is not Praying, DECREEING is taking authority and YOUR authority as a child of God through Christ Jesus the Lord. This is what I am Impressed and Inspired 4 U to begin doing over your Son's life in these areas that you have mentioned. Every morning in your personal time with the Lord and even if it's just a few minutes begin to speak into existence what you want in the terms of his Healing, and say it will authority into the atmosphere around you.


I DECREE in the name of Jesus according to the Father's Holy word in Job 22:28, I DECREE that K****l will begin from this day forward to comprehend his School work and his Social Skills for communicating with his peers will also begin to evolve as God has intended it to be. Also any Anxiety Issue's will begin to dissipate in the name of Jesus I command this to be so! I want you to do this for 30 days as this is the what is in my Spirit to do as I am typing this Prophecy and the anointing is upon me to release this into your life dear sister. Also, if you can each morning before he goes to school and leaves the house, I want you to place your right hand on his head and pray a silent short little prayer and visualize him having a great day. I know this may sound a bit different and you may not get the opportunity to place your hand on his head all the time, but I just feel lead to speak this in obedience to what I hear the Spirit saying to me for you in regards to K****ls issues he is having right now. I feel this will pass eventually, but you have the Power within you as a Christ Follower and the Father's Holy Scriptures to speed up and release his Healing and even any other issues that may arise in the Future. Trust me and begin to implement what I am speaking to you this day dear sister and you will begin to see a transformation before your eyes I believe in his over all demeanor. This is what I have come to call a Holy Ghost Prescription as the Spirit leads me to ministry to people through this kind of platform. The words I speak are anointed as I have seen this work tremendously for people of all different kinds of issues and with great success. God Bless You!

Her Confirmation and Testimony Below:

Dear Steven

Thank-you for the word of the Lord. I am writing to you of my testimony of my younger son K****l. I begin decreeing the prayer the day I received the word and check for signs of improvement 30 days later. I am seeing signs of maturity in communication and even an interest in school. I continue to speak the prayer decree with expectation that more improvements in everyday life pertaining to my son will manifest. I thank God for the word and want to thank you for delivering it in Christ Jesus

Request prophetic word now and be encouraged this Thanksgiving day in Christ.


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